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How to choose a good Whiteboard?

What is a Whiteboard? What does the Whiteboard do?

They are boards that can be written on and written easily with the help of a pencil. It is a cleaner, more practical version of chalkboards written in chalk used in our schools, brought together with technology. Technology develops on needs. The basic need in the use of whiteboards is the need to “tell something”. We need this in the form of lecturing in schools, making presentations at workplaces, giving information in restaurants. So whiteboards are basically there to help you tell something. Models and features; The most practical support for your account varies on how it will be given.

How is a Whiteboard Produced?

Although the writing board is simple, the process differs slightly according to the material used. Generally; MDF cut in desired dimensions is used as a ground. Steel is used if the surface is magnetic and magnets are required to adhere. A surface that can be written and wiped is obtained by coating laminate on it. Then its frame (such as wood, aluminum, mdf) is placed. The main function of the frame is to prevent the glued laminate surface from lifting. Finally, according to being stable and mobile, suitable feet and apparatus are mounted.

What Are Whiteboard Materials?

Products to be used in science with writing board; Whiteboard marker (board marker), Whiteboard pen holder and Whiteboard eraser.

What Should Be Our Criteria When Choosing a Whiteboard?

Types of writing boards are quite wide. For whiteboards that can be shaped according to every need, first of all, we need to determine our needs well. The characteristics of the Whiteboard that we will look at when determining our needs should be the following;

Place of use

The first feature we need to look at is where to use the whiteboard. Here, we should consider both our usage area and the room we will use. Uses of the writing board are generally; It varies such as office-workplace, school, kitchens, restaurant, home, children. In order to take notes at home or to show a menu in the restaurant, mini whiteboards or bulletin boards should be checked. The room we will use will assist us in the selection of dimensions and designs. The blackboard should be decorative. For this reason, it will be more appropriate to choose the product that is suitable for the room you will use.

Stability or Portable

Fixed, Wall Mounted Writing Board: Easily mounted on our office or home walls, writing boards are very advantageous in terms of space saving. Other models of whiteboards occupy an area within the office. However, wall-mounted models provide a decorative appearance and do not occupy space on the wall they are hung. So how is the blackboard mounted on the wall? First of all, the wall to be mounted should be a wall with many angles of view. In terms of height, the height at which an average-sized person can reach out to the top of the board can be chosen. If the wall to be mounted is empty, it will be more elegant in terms of appearance, centering the wall, and if there are other hanging items on the wall, it will be equidistant from the edges. After deciding where to hang the wall, the board is lifted with the help of two people. The parallelism of the board to the ground is checked with the help of a spirit level. A mark is placed on the wall with the pencil from the places where there are screw holes. After lowering the board, dowels are placed in the marked places with a drill. Then the board is raised and screwed to the wall.

Mobile, Leg Writing Board: The most important feature of these models is that they are mobile. It can be easily moved to where we want.

Writing Board Telescopic Leg: These are 3-leg boards that are generally small in size. It has stylish designs.

Writing Board With Wheels: Thanks to the wheels under it, it can be easily moved to the desired place, the angle of the board can be changed during the presentation. There are brake systems on the wheels, so it is also kept stable where you want it.


The surface of the writing board varies a lot. Of course, this variety is reflected in the price. Generally, its surface is composed of materials such as laminate, melamine (not the most affordable options, it is not resistant to scratches), duralite (front side is laminated on the back, mdf is slightly more durable compared to melamine), porcelain (the most durable type, the front porcelain is covered with steel back). In terms of feature, magnetic writing board (the back is steel coated on the front, PVC coated surfaces, magnet materials are adhered to its surface), adhesive writing board (papers are provided to adhere to its surface, it is ideal to use as a board, if desired, some can be covered with foil and written on it.) Double-sided writing (Also known as a 360 degree rotating writing board, both sides are used for writing, 360 degrees can rotate around itself). Flipchart writing board (boards with a practical folding and tearing system using disposable paper as the surface). Combined surfaces are available. There are surfaces such as writing board and cork board, half of which are cork boards, half of which are blackboards, and there are also types where blackboard and abacus are offered together especially for children. White boards are generally preferred for color. However, different colors such as black (Black Boards) are also available. Although the surface is generally empty, there are also lined boards with surfaces ready for use in lessons such as music lessons.


As a frame, we can group them as wooden frame whiteboards, MDF frame whiteboards, aluminum frame whiteboards. The most durable of these are MDF frames and the most cost effective ones are aluminum frames.


Decision should be made according to the size of the area you will use and your purpose of use. While large whiteboards will not be efficient in small rooms, small whiteboards will not be very functional in terms of appearing in large rooms. The writing board dimensions are also directly proportional to your purpose. If you are working on the board in large groups or if you like to hang some printouts on the board while you are presenting, the blackboard you will receive should be of large size. Small scale blackboards should be preferred if you are going to use it only for small brainstorming at home or at work or sometimes to make small presentations to someone.

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