Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Which watermelon should be bought?

Prefer white not yellow or light yellow stained berries. These spots indicate the degree of maturity of watermelon. Spider web-like locations in watermelon indicate where the bees touch when they fertilize watermelon flowers. The more spider web stains, the more bees have fertilized, and watermelon means sweeter.

Make sure that the surface of the watermelon is not rotten, cut or hollow. Try to choose a solid and symmetrical watermelon. If there are tubers on the surface of the watermelon, this is caused by dehydration during cultivation or inadequate sunlight. So you have to make sure that the watermelon you choose doesn’t have a lump. Try to choose the heaviest watermelon by size. This is a condition that you should be aware of when choosing most fruits. Watermelon is heavier than expected by its size, which means it is a sufficiently ripe and juicy watermelon. A bright watermelon means a watermelon immature enough. So you should use your choice for a good-looking, matte watermelon.

If you see black spots on the surface of the watermelon as above, these spots are the places where the sugar is leaking and the watermelon is sweet. Also, stains that look like a line on a line are also called pollination points, and the more they are, the better! Longer and thiner watermelons are called “male watermelons ve and are more juicy, while“ female watermelons which are literally round, are sweeter. You can make your choice according to how you like a watermelon.

The light green lines should be wide and begin to turn yellow.

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