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How to choose a good Washing Machine?

If you have an area that is large enough for any kind of machine, you can choose a machine between 5 and 12 KG in this phase. Only your machine must have fast washing feature.

Do not Exaggerate the Turnover Speed

We can say that the turnover rate determines how tight your clothes will be. Many people are very generous in this regard and want to choose the one with the highest speed. Now, the machines are in demand from 800 to 1400 rpm. But there are also people who prefer machines with 1600 rpm. You may want your clothes to dry immediately after you get them from the machine. But too many revolutions can damage your clothes. It is not suitable for washing some clothes as it will cause the clothes to wrinkle more. To understand this, you can read the washing instruction of the garment. We can say that you can get the best results from machines with a circuit between 1,000 and 1,200 cycles. The important thing in spinning is that the spin speeds [400-600-800-1000-1200-1400] can be changed. Do not wring your heavy laundry such as thin blankets and bathrobes as much as possible. If you have it, we recommend that you tighten it at low speed.

You want to use the washing machine you will buy for an average of 5 to 10 years. In this phase, you should buy the machine by paying attention to energy performance to contribute to your home economy. This is also very important for the protection of the environment. You can choose machines with A energy class in your machine selection.

In the vast majority of recently built houses, there is no balcony. So people have trouble drying the clothes they wash. If you don’t have space for drying your clothes, you can choose the washer dryer. These machines will save you from buying additional dryers.

Now all new machines have a single water inlet. The machine with a double water inlet has been reduced to almost none in the market. Those with a single water inlet receive cold water. It starts washing after heating. Normally the advantage of double water inlet is here. The washing machine absorbs hot water directly. Since it does not heat, it washes faster and shortens the washing time. However, since the ones with a single water inlet do this job by consuming less electricity in a much shorter time, there are no more machines with a double water inlet in the market. There are also double water inlet models, which have a double water inlet, but consume more energy than a single water inlet machine with a similar feature.

If you are going to buy a machine with a double water inlet, you may need to fit the water plumbing to this feature or split the water into two by means of T. In this case, cold water may also flow into the hot water inlet. This can pose a risk to the machine. You can choose a single water inlet machine without any risk.
If you care a lot about hygiene, you can choose a hygiene / baby product.

If you can not spend a long time at home, you can choose products with Time Programming feature that can start washing at any time.

If you want to easily follow all the stages during washing, you can choose LCD display products that show all stages until the end of the selected program.

If you want to wash your large pieces of laundry easily, you can choose models with Quilt Program that can easily wash bulky clothes such as quilts and pique.

None of us used Kalgon for calcification etc. in the past. We have already seen his heart in advertisements. Some of the new generation machines prevent calcification by coating the resistances. This is also important for savings and long-term use. Again, the structure of the tub is small in terms of the small holes in the tubs to spin the laundry without wearing out.

Extra Features

Features that are not very important, but not in your washing machine, but you can choose when buying.

Load Sensor: The feature that weighs the dry load of the laundry you put into the machine, and allows the water to be taken according to how many kg the laundry is. It is important in terms of savings.
Inverter Motor: Quieter and more durable motor like air conditioners that burn less electricity.
Load Distribution Sensor: It is the sensor that prevents the load [laundry] from accumulating in one place in the boiler of the machine. It prevents your machine from wearing out.
Child Lock: If you have a small baby or child at home, it is important to have a child lock.
Easy Ironing Function: Washing feature by reducing wrinkles.
Silent Spin: The feature that provides extra silence in spinning.
Error-Warning: Learning possible errors in your washing machine by reading them from your mobile phone with the barcode on the screen.
Smart Control: Ability to operate your washing machine remotely, change the program, change the spin-rinse cycles, pause, manage the remaining time of the program from the mobile phone.

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