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What should be considered when buying WALKER?

First, clarify this topic: Is the walker harmful?

Some experts argue that the walker is detrimental to child development because it restricts free movement. Some do not see it as an object that helps to walk. You can consult your doctor before buying a walker to clarify. In addition, whether the walker is harmful or not, varies according to the type of walker.

First Step Walker / Walker Car

These walkers support the stepping of the baby with the help of pushing. The first step walker can be very helpful if your baby needs some courage, excitement and support to walk.
So, what should you look for when buying a first step walker?
Undoubtedly the most important point for such vehicles is the safety of the baby. Although almost all of the first step walkers are rounded, check carefully for sharp edges and corners.

The handles can be easily grasped so that the baby can stand on its own with the support of the baby’s walker.
It is important that it is made of a non-toxic and high quality material.

The height of the first step walkers is not adjusted like spider walkers. So the height and weight must match the size of the baby.

Not only is the walker providing walking support to her baby; It is also important to provide a pleasant learning environment. They all have an activity panel. But is the activity panel colorful enough? Are the toys, numbers, shapes or animals on your baby’s attention? Does he speak English / Turkish? Examine them in detail.

Choosing walkers with more than one function extends the life of the player and you don’t have to buy other similar toys. Activity center, first step trolley, shopping cart, kitchen, bucket bucket with functions such as you can find easily.

Spider Walker

This walker type has a sitting area that surrounds the baby. The wheels provide movement and the braking system ensures safety.

This type of walkers are not recommended by experts for both safety and muscle development. However, if you are considering buying a spider walker, you can choose according to the following items.

Choose the ones that are wide. Its wide circumference reduces the chance of infants entering small and narrow spaces.

Prefer wheelless models that allow your baby to stand and move as if stepping on. Starting from the fact that wheeled walkers are dangerous, some companies have turned to wheelless ones. Of course, it wouldn’t make sense to call the ones without wheels as spider walkers, maybe we could call them activity centers.

Prefer those who have a safety mechanism that can prevent your baby from falling down the stairs.

Choose the fun for your baby. It doesn’t matter if you have music, lights, toys or talking, just as much fun!
Make sure there aren’t any small, detachable parts.
Let the height be adjusted. Thus, it grows with your baby, prolongs its use.

Easy to maneuver helps the baby. Too heavy and no friction on the floor so that your baby’s desire to use is not reduced.
Get a comfortable pad.

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