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How to choose a good Violin?

If you plan to improve yourself on violin, you will need to do some research. Violin comes first. The choice of violin is important because it is you who will play it. If you do not like the tone of the violin you bought, if you do not feel comfortable when you press the button, you will not enjoy playing the violin.

When buying violin, your priority should not be the best violin brand, but the quality of the material used to make the violin. The first feature to check at this stage should be whether the violin is made of wood or plywood material.

Even if you are going to play the violin for the first time, we strongly recommend that you buy a plywood violin. Since these violin types are very low level, timbre, tuning etc. can be made in a short time. problems will arise.

At the same time, since it does not have a satisfactory tone, it will prevent the player from enjoying the instrument and, in time, will move away from his instrument. Therefore, you can buy a healthy violin that will not cause any problems for you by increasing the fee.

If you are going to buy a second hand violin, make sure it is maintained regularly.


If the lines are lined in a row in the side and body parts of the violin.

If there are no veins inside the chest area.

If there is a uniform appearance in the back of the violin, it is very likely that the violin you want to buy is made of plywood.

Make sure that the ear and keyboard sections are made of good materials in order to avoid tuning and intonation problems.

In a good level violin, such sections are mostly made of ebony. However, ebony use is very rare due to the low price in plywood and factory made violins.

Understanding if the keyboard and ear are made of ebony can come up after a very simple procedure. First, gently scrape the part, called ebony, with a key or a metal. If the color changes and a color other than black appears, the violin is not ebony.

The natural color of this tree is black, otherwise a color indicates that this region is not made of ebony.
The fixes are an important region that ensures the full tuning of the violin. They are preferably produced from metal or wood.

However, this area, which shows a hardening in time with use, has been chosen from wood and will be a more accurate choice for comfortable use.

However, as it becomes harder to turn, you can lubricate the tree with cotton using nutritious oils.


While most violins are sold, there are thresholds on them. However, the use of threshold may differ according to the individuals. Therefore, you can ensure a comfortable use by purchasing a threshold in the position where you are most comfortable or by filing the existing threshold.

If you do not adjust the threshold setting, the wires may touch the keyboard and the sound may be scratchy, or you may not be able to sound healthy because it is too loud.

Therefore, you should definitely make your threshold adjustment suitable for you.

The varnishes used in violins are divided into 2 as furniture and shellac polish. Furniture polish is a varnish used on all fabricated and low quality violins on average.

Therefore, if you want to buy a violin with shellac polish, you need to obtain an advanced violin. Because the prices of violins containing shellac polish start on average from one thousand TL.

The difference of shellac polish from other types of polish is that it consists of a herbal mixture that allows the tree to breathe.


If you are a beginner, we recommend that your budget does not fall below $ 75 for the violin.


The age range and physical development of the person who will play the violin should be carefully examined. The easiest way to achieve this stage is to extend the left hand to the snail section of the violin.

If your arm has no difficulty in reaching this section and you can control the violin comfortably, the violin you will buy is suitable for your body size.


It is the smallest version of the violin that is recommended for people whose age range is between four and seven.


The age scale of this violin varies between six and ten years on average. Its dimensions are half the size of normal violin.


This violin is called three-by-four violin. It is a violin type suitable for the sizes of people between the ages of approximately nine and eleven.


This violin, which is named as four divided by four, is a type of violin that people aged 11 and above have structural suitability, and there is no longer a different violin for later ages.

Violin Tree Selection

The concept of quality violin is related to craftsmanship and the wood used. In quality violins, the bottom cover, the handle and the bums are made of maple. Akçaağaca is also known as a butterfly tree among the people.
The tree preferred in the construction of the top cover is usually spruce or fir trees. Cover thickness should not be too much.

This information we talked about is common features used in violin selection and quality violins. Very famous violin artists also use violins made of different trees. This depends a bit on the tone you want from the violin.

The violin touch and augers are made of ebony wood due to the good moisture retention rate and not deforming under high pulling force. If ebony is not among your options, you can also try the rosewood.

Violin Tail and Augers

Knitting holes should not be too wide. The more quality wood used in instruments made of wood, the cleaner the amount of sound elongation called sustain.
Therefore, since more trees are used in violins with a small auger hole, it has a positive effect on the violin tone.

Do not say how effective the amount of wood used in the holes can be! See the best selling violin brands, the same is true for all.

Violin Key and Body

Another feature of quality violins is the height difference between the touch and the body of the violin. This difference is designed not to exceed the thickness of the little finger in quality violins.

In addition, the wire and threshold height should not be high. This is a very important detail to make the prints clean.

Violin Polish

A special kind of polish is used in other string instruments such as violins. This polish called shellac gives a natural look while at the same time ensuring that the violin breathes and does not sweat.

Shellac polish, which is mostly used in high quality and handmade violins, is another factor that has a positive effect on the violin tone. The use of light colored and natural polishes is one of the issues to be considered in choosing violin.

Buying plywood violins that shine from polish on top will not have very positive results in terms of both tone and usability.

The Tone of the Violin

Violin tone varies from person to person. Some people like more steamy tones, while others want the violin to have a bass sound. These features are completely dependent on the person’s musical taste.
In such a case, you can understand the best choice in the selection of violin, which you can make after determining your budget, by pulling a bow in the violin even if you do not know how to play the violin.

After all, you will play that instrument. For this reason, it will be the healthiest decision for you to choose which violin tone you like more.


Among the starting violins, you can examine the brands of valencia violin, dominguez violin and stentor violin. They have violins suitable for almost every budget.


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