Saturday, March 6, 2021

What should be considered when buying a VACUUM CLEANER?

When buying vacuum cleaner, you should turn to products that are easy to use and highly practical. It should be light in weight, ergonomic in size and minimal space, compatible with storage conditions and easily recoverable.

If the wat amount and motor power are high, your machine will perform ultra high suction power performance by itself. Otherwise, even if you go on the carpet many times, your broom can drive you crazy. This also causes you to waste power and get tired. Again, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner shows the performance of the vacuum cleaner. When you select a vacuum cleaner with high suction power, your process will accelerate. In addition to the vacuum cleaner with excessive suction, the machine adheres to the floor like a suction cup, which results in excessive loss of power and damage to the floor. For this reason, we recommend that you choose a vacuum cleaner with a turbo head.

Vacuum cleaners that have been used as bagged for many years are now being produced without bags. But when you buy a bagless product, it is up to you to clean the hopper where dust and dirt are collected. However, dust bag vacuum cleaners are practical products that can be easily removed and disposed of. Especially if you have problems like asthma or allergies, you should definitely choose bagged brooms. In the meantime, if you are going to buy a bag vacuum cleaner, you should turn to HEPA filter products. Otherwise, dust from the vacuum cleaner bags will leak out. In water-filtered brooms, dust and dirt are imprisoned by clinging into the water. You should keep in mind that the vacuum cleaner of water filters is heavy, although it has a high dust-catching ability. At this point, the most ideal brooms will be the ones with HEPA filter. The HEPA filter filters 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles. This creates a system that holds and spreads the dust that is re-emitted from the rear of the house as in conventional vacuum cleaners.

No matter how small your house is, it is absolutely necessary to spend at least half an hour for a proper sweep. Therefore, we recommend that you turn to silent models for a vacuum cleaner that you can use under any circumstances. For example, the sound level of a standard vacuum cleaner is 78 decibels. However, in the most silent models, the normal level of speech is 68 decibels.

When you buy electrical appliances that are suitable for EU energy efficiency, you also save energy. That’s why you should always check the energy and cleaning class of the product when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Accordingly, Class A products represent the highest saving capacity and Group G products represent the lowest grade.

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