Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How to choose a good Turkey?

Those who will buy live turkey should pay particular attention to the feet of these animals.

Old animals have a scaly appearance at their feet. The feet of young animals are light colored.

Flaking is observed mainly in the feet of old turkeys. In younger ones, the scales wrap the foot in the form of skin, but in the elderly it exfoliates.

The skin should be yellow under its wings. Jaundice under the skin indicates that turkey is oily. The yellow color under the wing indicates that the turkey is well fed. The feathers of the healthy turkey should be gleaming.

Turkeys to be bought should be lively, feathery, and close to pink or red.

Turkeys such as naughty children who are very active, very lively and unable to stand, should be selected from the herd of turkeys. The young, live weight of the New Year’s turkey should be 6-8 or 6-10 kilograms. There is a distinction between old turkey and young turkey.

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