Tuesday, May 11, 2021

How to choose a good Treadmill?

Since the carrying capacity of each treadmill is different, the first thing you should look at is whether the tool you want to buy can carry you.

The reason why doctors say that there should be a flexible floor when buying treadmills is that the treadmills with normal floor can cause pain and cramping in your feet over time.

The bandwidth of the treadmills is recommended to be 42 cm and above for people under 100 kilos and 45 cm and above for people over 100 kilos.

You should pay attention to the slope rate in the selection of treadmills, manual tilt treadmills and automatic tilt treadmills, which are divided into 3 categories.

Since the biggest problem of treadmills occupies the area within the house, you should know in advance whether the device you want to buy has a foldable feature.

It is recommended that people living in the apartment prefer treadmills, which make less noise, since how much the treadmill sounds vary according to the motor types.

Make sure that the emergency key safety lock that will ensure your safety so that you do not fall off the treadmill for any reason, is from the treadmill you want to buy.

Test the treadmill at different programs and speeds before purchasing.

Easy to use throughout the process of getting used to the treadmill and projecting information on a large digital screen makes your job easier.

Prefer treadmills with shock absorption system that will both make your running easier and will not age as you step on the ground.

The bigger the engine is, the better the treadmill is, and prioritize the devices with 2 or more HP engines.
Turn to televisions, radio, ventilators, heart rate monitors and similar similar electronic equipment treadmills.
Be sure to test the product as you would actually use it. When you walk slowly for 5 minutes, all the treadmills may feel the same; however, you can experience real performance when you run like you do at home, increase the slope, switch to different programs.

If you do not plan to run too fast, 10/12 km treadmills may be suitable as standard, but if you are planning to go to high speeds for a special reason, it would be useful to take a look at the speed feature.

Especially for people with balance problems and those who do not feel safe while walking, their arms will be supportive. Also, the treadmill will automatically stop during a possible fall with the safety latch that you will hold on while walking.

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