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How to choose a good Towel?

What Should You Pay Attention When Choosing Bath Towels, One Of The Most Essential Items Of Bathrooms?

Women have different criteria for choosing bath towels and they choose bath towels accordingly. More beauty and softness are the criteria that they put forward in the selection of bath towels. However, when choosing a bath towel, you should not only pay attention to the softness and beauty of the towel. At the same time, it is one of the criteria to be taken into consideration that it carries the hygiene conditions, does not change the smell easily according to its size and frequency of use.

Sometimes, the towels you buy don’t offer the efficiency you want. All bath towels look flawless while in the store. The bath towel, which looks quite nice when you buy it, starts to hold water, change color and harden after a while. So, what should you consider when choosing towels?

Usage Area is an Important Criterion in Selection

Bath towels made of linen are really beautiful, but since the water holding capacity is insufficient, the array cannot be dried sufficiently after bathing. Hard linen creates discomfort in a washed body. That’s why you can use linen bath towels in other areas.

Bath towels made of cotton fibers are soft and have high absorbency. So, when buying the bath towel, check its label and check if it is made of 100 percent cotton. Apart from cotton fibers, you can also choose bath towels made of modal fibers. They also have both soft and high absorbency. In fact, some varieties of modal fibers can be of higher quality than bath towels made of cotton fibers.

Weaving Quality is Another Criterion

One of the answers to the question to be considered when choosing towels is the quality of weaving. Towels can be woven in different ways. Weaving quality directly affects the softness of the towel. Bath towels, which are woven frequently without any gaps between them, give the desired softness feeling more than enough. Move your hand over the towel to find out that the weaving quality is high. If the softness of the bath towel continues without any interruption, the quality of this towel is high and there are no gaps when touching the towel.

You Can Understand Good Towels

Look at the towel before taking it and check whether the threads on it stand upright. It is of good quality if the yarns are upright and the towel gives an uninterrupted soft feeling. If the threads are flat, worry that this towel will not stiffen and will not yield the desired yield.

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