Friday, February 26, 2021

Which Toothpaste?

1. Use fluorine-containing pastes: Each individual should use fluorine-containing pastes, as they prevent tooth decay and restore initial caries. The only exception is children and individuals who are at risk of swallowing toothpaste while brushing teeth.

2. Do you have tooth sensitivity ?: There is a dentin layer below the enamel layer of the tooth which contains canals. Dentine channels are covered by enamel in a healthy tooth. The dentin layer, which is exposed for various reasons, causes sensitivity with stimuli such as cold, hot, sour and sweet. Patients with sensitivity problems should choose desensitizers when choosing toothpaste. Some ions contained in desensitizing pastes block the exposed dentin channels and prevent sensitivity.

3. Pay attention to the choice of putty in children: If children are given brush education at an early age, it will become a habit in the years to come. Given the children’s learning method, she should see her parents brushing her teeth so she can brush her teeth. So if you brush your teeth, your children will brush. Children can swallow toothpaste when brushing their teeth at an early age. Therefore, low-fluoride pastes should be used. Standard putty can be used when the danger of swallowing is eliminated.

4. Be sure to choose white pastes: The patient’s detection of a problem in the gums is understood by the bleeding in the brushing. Colored pastes can hide the color of the blood. White pastes should be preferred as much as possible.

5. Attention to whitening pastes: Make sure that the particles inside the paste are of the type that does not scratch the tooth surface. Scratches on the tooth surface will cause tooth discoloration in the future.

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