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Things to Consider When Buying a Toilet Bowl

There are some things to consider when buying toilet bowls, which gradually replace squat toilets. Moreover, these points to be considered are really important in terms of both health and hygiene. The reason why toilets are preferred more than Turkish style toilets is that they take up less space, are easier to clean and are modern. However, deceiving these criteria and trying to buy an ordinary toilet bowl will affect both your excretory system and will not be very pleasant in terms of hygiene.

Durability is very important when buying any sanitaryware element. Sanitary ware elements are not like accessories, they are directly connected to the installation, they are generally heavy and their assembly requires skill. If there is no major problem or decoration changes, they are not easily changed. Therefore, it is important that it is resistant to chemicals and impacts, especially when choosing a toilet bowl. Sanitary ware elements are cleaned many times during their lifetime and are exposed to many chemicals. When choosing your toilet bowl, it will be to your advantage to learn about the warranty periods of the products and how durable they are.

If your installation allows, using built-in reservoirs and wall-hung toilet bowls will save you space. Since the reservoir will be embedded in the wall, it saves you space and makes your bathroom look more spacious by simplifying it. Contrary to popular belief, it is very easy to intervene in built-in reservoirs and they do not cause difficulties in terms of repair. However, you can choose the color and shape you want among the control panels that will make your bathroom look more elegant.

Although the image is actually beautiful in the models that do not leave a gap between the wall and the toilet, they have a very important drawback. If the inner set of this toilet is malfunctioning, you cannot replace it by simply removing the cistern as in other models. Since the reservoir and toilet are attached to the wall, you can remove the entire toilet from the floor and only replace the inner set or repair it. My preference at this point are classic models, or wall-hung WCs.

It Must Be Suitable For Our Excretory System

This topic is not often brought up. But I think this is the first important thing to pay attention to when buying a toilet bowl… The common opinion of urologists is that most of the complaints of their patients about the excretory system are caused by the discomfort caused by the faeces that cannot be emptied sufficiently in the toilet bowls. Indeed, many toilet bowls present a great challenge to people in removing both large stools and small stools from the body. Some people even complain that they can never meet their toilet needs in the toilet. For this reason, when buying a toilet bowl, it must be in the size suitable for our drainage system.

Must Have Slope

The slope of the toilet bowls is also an important criterion. If you buy a flat toilet, this means that you will be exposed to some difficulties in meeting your toilet needs. Many shopping malls and social areas consist of open public toilets and toilets. Curved straight toilets are preferred to be cheaper. However, care should be taken as these are the main factors of future urinary problems.

It Should Make Cleaning Easier

Many toilets have a single discharge chamber, namely a siphon hole. This is also wrong. Instead of water coming out of a single hole, having many holes drilled at equal intervals in the toilet both facilitates cleaning and prevents splashing of dirty water on us. For this reason, it is necessary to choose toilets with more than one hole in order to facilitate cleaning.

One of the most important questions today when buying a new toilet bowl is: Should I buy a rimless toilet?

Ductless toilet bowls can help you maintain hygiene. Traditional toilet bowls have channels for the water coming from the reservoir to reach all sides of the toilet. If these channels are not cleaned well, the ground will be prepared for the reproduction and survival of microorganisms. As the name suggests, ductless toilets are toilets that do not have a canal or have an open channel. These toilets are much easier to clean and have no folds where microorganisms can grow. In addition, they use less water because they clean by spraying the water very quickly. Thus, you save water.

Nanotechnological Surface Coating

The seating surfaces of toilets constitute another very important issue. For this reason, we need to state that nanotechnology glazed surface coatings should be preferred when buying toilet bowls.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Toilet Bowl

There are some things to consider when buying toilet bowls, which gradually replace squat toilets. Moreover, these points to be considered are really important...


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