Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How to choose a good Toaster?

Toast is cooked in its name in the toaster, but all kinds of meat and fish should be grilled except for toast. For this, the iron plates of the toaster should be non-stick or easy to clean. It is acceptable that those plates can be removed and thrown into the dishwasher. It is important to keep these plates clean, especially if you are toast every morning. It takes a lot of time to clean the plates that are not displaced, and they are not clean enough. So every time you use the toaster, new ones are added to the old food leftovers. So removable plates are essential.

These plates can be teflon, ceramic or cast iron. Teflon and ceramic surfaces are easy to clean and do not stick. Ceramics are healthier than teflon. Iron is heavier and heats up late, but is better than other plates in terms of flavor.

If you want to use your toaster for many years, it is important that its body is steel, not plastic.

If a family of 4 people will use the toaster, you should not choose compact models that can fit only 2 slices of bread on its plate. A large toaster will save you time. Since the toaster is a practical cooking appliance, you do not want to spend long hours at the beginning.

Prefer ergonomic designs. Even if you have chosen a large model, avoid models that are bulky and difficult to use. Especially if you choose from models that can flip the top cover 180 degrees backwards and close parallel to the bottom plate, you will make a very accurate choice. Thanks to the parallel closing feature, your toast does not disperse while cooking, and thanks to the plates that lie behind, you can cook other than toast.

You should also pay attention to the fact that the top cover can be held in an upright position when necessary, the handle at the edge of the cover, the cable can be picked up, the temperature can be adjusted and it distributes the heat homogeneously, it does not cool quickly, there is a locking latch on the cover and an oil collection chamber under the plates.

You should choose according to your frequency of use as the electricity consumption of toasters with high wattage, which is more than watts, will be high. Because the power of toasters can go from 700W to 2200W. So this determines the heating capacity of the toaster and its effect on the bill. However, the power of the product you buy should not be less than 1500 Watt.

During the first heating, a slight odor may come from the toaster. This is normal and will soon disappear.

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