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What should be considered when buying a TIRE?

The production date should be checked. The last 2 digits after the DOT on the tire indicate the year of manufacture. There is no need to search for the tire of the current year. The tire starts to lose its properties after 6 years when it is on the raft. it is good to save fuel by researching rolling resistance and buying a tire with as low resistance as possible. furthermore, it is necessary to make sure that the tire to be purchased is suitable for the rim dimensions and weight of the vehicle. the air must be checked once a month while driving and balancing should be done every 10,000 km. otherwise it loses its property in a very short time.

Tires, which are the only elements of a moving vehicle in contact with the road, are of great importance for safe driving. Especially in winter, wet and slippery floors are dangerous. The tires used in dry and hot weather conditions in the cars harden below 7 degrees, reducing the road handle, which causes accidents. Therefore, the use of winter tires provides significant benefits. Winter tires increase the car’s handling and keep the car on ice.

Whether a tire is a winter tire is indicated by the snow emblem inside the mountain symbol on the side. Winter tires not only provide braking in handling, but also increase traction.

Winter tire, or snow tire, is a type of tire with an M + S mark on it and specially designed patterns on the tread to improve handling at temperatures below 7 ºC. Studded tires, which can only be used on icy ground, also replace winter tires.

Winter Tire Considerations

Winter tires should be used between October and November, when the cold starts depending on the region, and between March and April, when all tires on the vehicle have to be replaced with winter tires.

All imported tires must have the same setting and quality. Failure to do so may result in right / left pulling. This is one of the risks that should not be taken, especially on long roads.

Winter tires should not be less than 3 mm tread depth. Winter tires with a tread depth of less than 3 mm result in reduced traction performance on snowy, icy and wet surfaces and prevent safe driving.

The size of the winter tire you buy should not be larger than the size of the standard tires of the vehicle. In this case, the handling of the tires is reduced, which can cause skidding.

Winter tires increase fuel consumption and cabin noise. For this reason, you should pay attention to the price, fuel consumption and the effect on the in-cabin sound before buying.

Your tire must be balanced before installing it in the car.

An important reminder: Even if you have changed your winter tires, you still have a responsibility to keep your car in chains. Using winter tires should not be considered as a need for chains.

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