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How to choose a good Tiles?

In order for tiles used on surfaces that are more in contact with water to contribute to the decoration of your home, you should be conscious about the issues to be considered in choosing tiles.

It is a fact that tiles, which are frequently used on bathroom, kitchen, toilet and sink surfaces and walls, contribute greatly to the cleaning of the house. Tile cleaning is easy and practical. For this reason, we see that the corridors in the houses without insulation problems are also tiled.

Today, firms generally categorize bathrooms, kitchens and toilets in their tile production and make their sales according to this classification. For this reason, it will not be correct to use a tile you think for the kitchen for the bathroom. It is also useful in terms of decorative stance in choosing tiles that are specially designed for each region.

Among the points to be considered in the selection of tiles, it is an important criterion to prefer light colored products for bathrooms. Bathrooms are generally dark areas. While it is possible to remove this darkness with lighting, the selection of tiles should be made correctly in order to create a spacious image inside.

Another criterion of tile selection for narrow bathrooms is to create depth of field with geometric patterned tiles. Thanks to the depth of field, it is possible to create a large bathroom impression.

Although harmony is important, it is useful to use the tiles you will use in bathrooms and other areas in two different types as floor and wall. The bright ones of the tiles, each of which has its own features and advantages and disadvantages, are more sensitive to scratches. For this reason, it will be a better choice to use such products especially in wall tiles. Floor tiles, on the other hand, can be laid with relatively less glossy products as they are more scratch resistant. These preferences do not mean that attention is not paid to compliance. It should definitely be preferred considering the harmony in floor and wall tiles.

Choosing the Right Tiles

Among the points to be considered in the selection of tiles, there is also a detail that is not taken into consideration when choosing tiles but we have serious problems when needed. We must keep the labels containing the colors and features of the tiles. We should also question how long the manufacturer will produce the continuation of these tiles. Otherwise, in cases requiring repair, when tiles are needed, not finding the same tiles means the disappearance of decorative qualities completely. This will bring you serious additional financial burden.

There are many companies that produce tiles. Among the issues to be considered in the selection of tiles, choosing the right firm is also included. The tiles you choose with their patterns, colors and decorative stances must be produced with a quality workmanship. It is the most expensive method to test the quality of tiles by experiencing. For this reason, it is necessary to take advantage of the experiences, not to repeat the mistakes made by people and act with the thought of being cheap.

You cannot take full advantage of the decorative and functional features of the tiles that you purchase from a company whose designs you like and you trust in quality without applying them correctly to your bathroom. For this, choosing a master who has a good workmanship is among the issues to be considered in the selection of tiles. Always question every detail, from the materials the master will use to his experience and references. Compensation for faulty tile flooring at this stage will result in serious material losses. Water leakage problems between the joints are among the most common problems due to the fact that the areas in contact with the water are not properly leveled, the tiles are adhered to be sloppy and the symmetrical bonding is not performed, the wrong joint selection and application, and the leakage between the joints after a short time.

With the development of technology, the use of printed tiles has also become widespread. You can reflect your own style to bathrooms, kitchens and sinks thanks to the tiles created by pressing the tiles you want by printing the tiles you want. It is necessary to act more sensitive in cleaning these products. Since it is printed products, it will be correct to perform cleaning without using chemical chemicals.

Choosing Tiles in Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, you need to be more careful. Another point to be considered in the selection of tiles in the small bathroom is the preference of light-colored models. Dark colored products will make them appear dark and flat because of their environment.

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