Monday, August 2, 2021

How to choose a good Thermos?

The working principle of the thermos is to prevent heat exchange. Thus, it tries to keep the temperature of the liquid in it as constant as possible.
The thermos consists of two bottles / containers that are intertwined. There is a gap between the two containers, it is evacuated. In this way, it prevents the liquid inside the inner container to go into heat exchange with air.

Even though thermal insulation is provided to a large extent thanks to vacuum, unfortunately, especially the infrared electromagnetic waves that can advance in vacuum must be insulated as much as possible.

To achieve this, simply the inner chamber of the thermos holding the liquid, both inside and outside, must be covered with a shiny and smooth metal, metallic material or a mirror material that can reflect light as much as possible.

In choosing a thermos, it is important where you want to use the product. In choosing a brand thermos, the durability of the product is one of the second important points whether it should be resistant against cold or heat. It is also necessary to pay attention to which material the thermos is produced from. Although plastic thermos are small in size, it is a product that can make odor. It is necessary to avoid petroleum-derived plastic products in material structure as much as possible. These types of products, especially when exposed to sunlight, can produce carcinogenic effects thanks to their ingredients. However, considering the ease and lightness of transportation, it will be for those who prefer plastic thermos. If your preference will be a plastic thermos, its contents should be checked and the most harmless should be used. Now, there are some symbols and signs on the products manufactured by law. For example, if there are symbols like PET (PETE) Polyethylene or HDPE, LDPE, the product can be purchased. Products written in PVC and PS are made of plastic from the police and should not be preferred. After all, plastic nature is a substance that can be dissolved in the longest time. And it is necessary to take this into consideration in your preferences.

Acid drinks, ice, dairy products or carbonated food or drinks should not be contained in the thermos used. These types of products can cause the pressure in the thermos to increase and the thermos lid to fail. It can also create leaks that can damage your skin.

How Should The Thermos Use?

It is absolutely necessary to clean your thermos thoroughly after each use. The deterioration of food in the thermos over time causes the pressure inside to increase. Especially in vacuum thermoses, it is necessary to keep away from your face when opening the thermos during use. If you can’t open the stopper cover on the thermos, it means you have filled the thermos more than it should. It is necessary to make sure that the thermos cover is closed tightly to prevent spillage. To avoid damaging the product, putting it directly into the microwave oven will damage the thermos. It is also necessary to avoid direct contact with hot floors such as a coffee machine or stovetop. To clean the thermos, fill the product with hot water and some detergent. After waiting for 5 minutes, you can wash it with a sponge or cloth. Finally, rinse with hot water. Sharp detergents such as bleach should be avoided and should not be used in stoppers and cover washing.


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