Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Which telescope should be bought?

There are two types of telescopes depending on the lens type.
If the lights from the space come into the eye after hitting a mirror in the telescope and passing through the prism, this type is called reflective telescope. This type is also called a breaker telescope if the lights from space pass through the lenses directly into the eye.
The power of the telescope is proportional to the amount of light it collects.
The larger the objective diameter of the telescope, the greater the ability to collect light. For example, a 50 mm diameter telescope collects ² or 100 times more light than a 5 mm pupil (50/5). As the light collecting surface of the lens or lens mirror called aperture increases in the telescope, the light collecting power increases.
The telescope, which examines the celestial body, has tracking schemes to move up and down and sideways to follow the earth’s rotation.
The movements must be very precise. Taking into account atmospheric influences, movement to the telescope position is given. Telescope movements are carried out in modern telescopes with the help of electronic circuits and computer.

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