Saturday, March 6, 2021

How to choose a good Teapot?

Teapot advice recommendation

we threw the old teapot into the trash without thinking it was too old,

it turns out that no matter how much the surface is contaminated with the outer or inner surface in teapoters, a small amount of money is solved.

Now we will show the features that should be in a proper teapot here one by one!

The teat part of the teapot, which should be considered while buying the teapot, the better the elbow part of the teat, the closer to the bottom of the teapot. The lower the teat part of the teapot, the better.

The shape of the teapot is recommended to be circular if possible. Especially when pouring the tea, the weight point of the water in the teapot does not play much when the weight point of the wrist is fixed sphere shape. In this way, the possible tiring situations are reduced and you pour the tea more carefully and the risk of possible home accidents is low.

Another issue is the handle of the teapot.

In order for the weight to be balanced, it is beneficial for the handle to be close to the teapot. The further the handle goes away from the center of the teapot, the more it will tire the hand and wrist.

Also make sure that the handle is absolutely non-metallic. Especially many manufacturers use metal handle completely, this causes the tea to cool faster and burn your hand due to the faster transfer of tea heat.

It is strongly recommended that you do not use aluminum products for health because these types of metals dissolve quickly because of their health problems and are prohibited in food and drink products in many developed European countries.


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