Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How to choose a good Tea?

Here are some important tricks to help you understand the quality of tea.


One of the most important steps to understand the quality of tea is its fragrance. You should smell the tea as soon as you get the package. If the smell is mild and does not bother, you have made the right choice.

However, if you smell a strong and sharp tea, you should definitely doubt it. Essential foreign products may be mixed in order to give the tea poor quality or fragrance.

Tea leaves length

Another way to understand the quality of tea is the size of the tea grains. When you get the tea, be sure to look at the size of the leaves.

If the length of the tea leaves is the same, if you are in dark color, you have received quality tea. Also, to understand that the tea is of high quality, you should pay attention that there are no pieces of rope or dust inside.

Shape of tea leaves

The quality of the tea is also evident from the curl of the leaf. The shape of the tea leaves should not be flat. Because the best quality tea leaves are bent, curved and shiny.

The leaves you poured on a white napkin should have the same dark color and curl, as well as darker colors.

Water method

You can try our water method to understand the quality of the tea. A pinch of tea thrown into the water will give you important information about the quality of your tea.

When you throw your tea into the water quickly turns yellow and changes color, your tea contains paint and is of poor quality. However, if the water slowly changes color and turns yellow slowly, your tea is of good quality and unpainted. You can consume it with peace of mind.

Source: haber7.com

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