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Which Stroller?

5 Important Points to Consider When Buying a Stroller

Baby’s comfort and comfort

First of all, the comfort and comfort of the baby in your car should be your priority.

For this, the thickness of the seat should be comfortably folded and adjustable at various levels on the back of the back.

It should have a front tray and be easily removed and installed.

The awning of the car has a sun protection feature and is folded gradually, these are the features that need special attention.

Stroller Safety

First, make sure that the metal parts of the car are intact. Some brands use flimsy metal for easy transportation and lighter weight, which endangers the safety of the child.

The safety mechanism of the car should not be opened or closed easily so that your child cannot open it.

You should be able to see that your baby is safe when the car’s awning is completely closed. Therefore, pay attention to this feature.

Examine the manufacturer of the car, the quality of the fabrics used.

Prefer the seat belt to be made of 5-point seat belts that will grip not only on the waist, but on both the waist and shoulder.

Practicality and ease of use

The fact that the car can be opened and folded easily provides you with great convenience.

It is also an important feature that the car takes up little space when folded.

The fact that the direction of the car can be rotated on both sides allows you to turn your baby towards yourself or outside whenever you want.

Other important criteria are that the car is not too heavy, the braking system works well, and its wheels can turn 360 degrees.

Suitability to your lifestyle

It is a determining factor in your lifestyle and where you will use the car, which stroller you should buy.

If you are going to use it on the street, sidewalks or in the park, choose durable and well-suspended cars.

If you want a car to use for trekking, buy the heavier and bigger wheels.

If you are going to be used indoors such as shopping malls, you can choose strollers that can turn 360 degrees, have high maneuverability, are easy to fold and light.

Types of strollers

Standard strollers

The most commonly used strollers. It generally has a carrying capacity of 20 kilos. It has a tilting feature, an awning awning, maneuverable wheels and an aluminum skeleton structure.

Walking stick baby carriages

They are practical, light and easy to use strollers. They take up little space, but they are not very comfortable.

Jogger type strollers

The rear 2 are pretty big cars with a wheel in the front. It is produced to lose weight and keep fit after pregnancy. Although they are large, they are easy to use strollers.

Travel system baby carriages

It is a very functional baby carriages that can be used from birth and can be used as a carrying seat, car seat and mother’s arms apart from the stroller.


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