Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How to choose a good Steel Door?

If you want to be sure of the strength of the steel door you will buy, make sure that the steel door has the security certificate against theft.

The European Union has standards and tests that determine the security levels of steel doors against theft. As a result of these tests, the security of steel doors is measured at 6 levels, Class 1 lowest and Class 6 highest. You can find out how long the steel door you will purchase resists theft with which tools from the European Union security certificate made according to EN 1627 standards.

For high residential security, your steel door must have an anti-theft certificate at the level of EN 1627 Class WK4. In this way, you can be sure that a professional thief will not be able to open your steel door for 120 minutes by using tools such as crowbar, steel wedge, big hammer, screwdriver, rechargeable drill.

Steel doors recommended for high-value workplaces, important military buildings, houses with very high risk of theft and low security level should have an anti-theft certificate at EN 1627 Class WK5. In this way, you can be sure that a professional thief will not be able to open your steel door for 160 minutes using tools such as electric drill, electric jet stone, electric fox tail, big crowbar, sledgehammer, steel wedge.

If you are looking for something good, you should look at it whether it is hollow or not. Styrofoam is used in most of the middle class doors, but you should prefer glass wool. Make sure that the thickness of the sheet is more than 12 mm. There should be a full sound as the door opens and closes. locks must be monoblock and locked at least 3 times. If your budget is available, choose locked locks that fit L-shaped buckles when locked. If you are going to get mdf dressing, there is no harm in the patterns being chrome. bright places are not damaged by water, sun. If your place receives direct sun, head towards all steel doors.

Consult your nearest locksmith. The locksmiths are the technical experts of steel doors and they have the knowledge and knowledge to guide you to get the right door.

The gap between the door and the case should not be more than 4-5 mm. If the gap is more, it is easier to open the door with a lever. Note that this little detail will give you great security.

The fact that the lock used in a steel door is strong, if the area where the lock is to be seated is also meaningful. For example, a building whose foundation is not strong has the risk of collapsing in the slightest shaking, no matter how durable the floors will be. The basis of the steel door is the area where the lock will sit. Steel doors that cannot offer a sufficiently durable zone for the lock open easily, even if the strongest lock is used. For this reason, the inaccessibility of the area where the key is entered should be provided against theft.

Steel doors have a rosette system that protects this area. This rosette system should be durable and indestructible with a chisel.

The door hinge should be adjustable. Doors with this feature are easily adjusted and restored to any stretch of the building in which they are located and the ground to settle. Welded fixed hinged steel doors do not have this feature.

The closing quality of the steel door you get shows the true quality of the door. Your steel door, which you will use for years, should close easily and quietly, even with the tip of your finger. The quality of the lock welcome system offers you this convenience. You are both comfortable and safer.

Look for a double sealing system on your steel door. Steel doors with this system are not just thieves; It does not let in the sound, hot, cold, dust and pests. It gives you a truly perfect seal and provides your comfort.
Steel door should be mounted with concrete filling. The cost of concrete filling is expensive compared to polyurethane filling and it is difficult to install, but the security it offers is at a high level. The door frame integrates with concrete, thereby preventing the door frame from flexing.

If you are going to get a steel door that will come in direct contact with the exterior, you can choose the ones with aluminum and glass coating. Aluminum and glass are the most suitable coating materials for the outdoor environment; It is not affected by rain, corrosion and sun rays. It is also long-lasting and adds prestige to your home with its aesthetic appearances.

If you think that your eye taste or fashion will change over time or you will be bored to see the same door, make sure that the steel door you will receive is modular. The outer coverings of modular steel doors can be changed at any time, so that you can replace the door completely; you can differentiate your appearance without causing any harm to your home.

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