Friday, September 24, 2021

How to choose a good Spice?

Which Spice?

The first thing to be aware of when buying spices is that spices should be fresh. The way to understand this is the color of the spice; and smells. Grain black pepper in vibrant black color; and should be bright. The color of chili peppers should be vivid, and it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is greasy. The black pepper powder smells very pungent; and should be alive. As the smell decreases, the life of the black pepper decreases. Dried mint; and thyme must be in vivid colors.

Another trick of getting spices is to detect whether another substance is mixed into it. For example, red powder pepper is often mixed with substances such as tile powder or grits; and you have difficulty understanding them. For this reason, you should take powdered black pepper, and powdered pepper flakes, packaged as a product of a particularly good brand. Or, you should take care to buy it from a place you trust.

Other substances are mixed into the isot. However, this is also very difficult to understand. For this reason, when you buy isotine, you should take it in packs, or you should take a small amount of isotine and add it to your food, and pay attention to this: Does the isotine come on top of the food after cooking? Does it stick to your teeth? If all these elements are involved, the isot you receive is not real, because the real isot dissolves in the food, does not rise above water, nor sticks to the tooth. Therefore, you should try to buy a small amount of isot and if you are sure you should take more. Or, as we have already mentioned, the most reliable method is to take the package.

If you are buying red pepper flakes, you should make sure that there are no small pieces between the big ones and there are not too many seeds.

Another thing to consider when buying spices is where the spices are sold. Spices sold in damp or sunny environments tend to deteriorate quickly. They should therefore be stored in a refrigerator and in a glass jar. In the pouch; or the expiration date of the spices sold in the package.

It is recommended that you grind the spices recommended for purchase in raw form.

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