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How to choose a good Soap?

Make sure that you do not have a very dry, spilled, spilled structure of your soap when you buy it. This type of soap has deteriorated. In addition to these, natural soaps are generally close to light green and white. The color of the soap also varies depending on the oils used.

Let’s look at the question of how to choose a soap, almost all of us take care of our skin care. We clean, use body lotions, tonics, creams, try to smell good, and do a lot more. So, how much attention do we pay to the choice of soap that comes into direct contact with our skin and is vital for our cleansing?

Many of us generally look into the smell when making this choice and do not pay attention to any other criteria. However, there are many criteria to be considered other than odor. It is necessary to take into account some situations when choosing soap, either because they are in contact with our skin or because they do the cleaning and maintenance of our body.

Use natural soap:

The first thing to consider when choosing is natural. In other words, we should take care that the soap we buy does not contain chemicals. Although the effects are not understood in the short term, those who contain chemicals may irritate your skin, cause redness and harm in the long term. Instead, you can prefer those with all-natural ingredients to prevent negative situations like these and lead a healthier life.

Consider your skin type:

Not all skin types are one. Therefore, not all soaps can adapt to all skin types. This is one of the criteria we should consider when choosing. For example, if we have dry skin, using a soap that causes dryness can lead to adverse conditions. Instead, it will be much better for our health to prefer those with moisturizing properties.

Know what you want:

We don’t buy soaps for cleaning purposes only. If we have conditions such as hair loss, acne, unwanted spots, psoriasis, eczema, varicose veins, we can also choose to eliminate these conditions. It is very important to know what we want at this point. For example, if we have a condition such as hair loss and we prefer those that have acne-drying effects, of course, we cannot get the effect we expected. For this, we should take care to choose those with nourishing and strengthening hair.

Choosing soap is not so easy. Among the hundreds of options we need to find the one that suits us, but the important point is to know what we want and what we need, as we mentioned above.

There are many options at this point. Each of these options has different effects and benefits. In order to make it easier for you to choose according to your own wishes and needs, we have compiled which soaps are good for which ailment in general.

If you have unwanted spots:

Many people today complain of unwanted spots such as blackheads, acne, acne. If you are complaining about this problem, you can choose options such as donkey milk, parsley, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, sage and lemon soap.
If you are experiencing hair loss: Another problem that is complained of today is hair loss. For this, you can prefer soaps such as lavender, nettle, garlic, serpent oil, bıttı, himalayan salt. These will not only prevent hair loss, but will also help you regain healthier hair by caring for it.

If you have skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis:

There are many alternatives that are good for various skin diseases. For this, options such as nettle, tar, juniper, sulfur, and bitti soap are in demand.

If you are suffering from cellulites:

If you have a condition like cellulite, you can get rid of these problems by using coffee, sage or seaweed soap.

If you want to do your skin care:

Of course, there are many options for those who do not have any discomfort and who just want to do skin care. For this, you can take a look at lavender, nettle, clay, apricot, olive oil or ginger soap.

It should be noted that correct and regular use is also very important. As you can imagine, irregular usage may not produce the effect you want. In addition, using them more than necessary may lead to some negative situations.

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