Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How to choose a good Shirt?

The first rule when choosing a shirt is to choose the shirt that fits on you.
In order to look stylish, young, energetic and dynamic when buying a shirt, you must first choose slim-fit shirts. Whether you have small, medium or large sizes, your preference should be for slim-fit cutting.
For the same size, regular-fit cuts have more fabric than slim-fit cuts. Because of this excess fabric, regular-fit shirts do not completely wrap your body, making you look fatter, older and bulkier than you are.
However, you should make sure that you can move comfortably in the shirt while choosing a slim-fit shirt. The shirt should fit well on your body and not be narrow enough to restrict your movements.
The tightness of the buttons of the shirt is another point that should be considered in the shirt preference but is not known to many people. An ideal shirt is as much as it should have buttonholes. If it is too wide, the buttons will not stand tight enough, distorting your appearance.
The way you iron it is also important to keep the shirt properly on you. To avoid damaging the fabric, iron your shirt from bottom to top, not circular movements.
One of the most important factors that determine the quality of the shirt is the raw material of the yarns used to weave the shirt fabric.
Fabrics made of 100% cotton will give you a feeling of relief with its breathability. In addition to this feature, cotton, which has the beauty of being natural, hygienic and environmentally friendly, comes to the forefront as a material that should be used in a quality shirt because it fits nicely on your body with its soft structure. Cotton clothes, thanks to its air permeability, allow the sweat to evaporate into the air, especially in the summer months, and prevent sweat smell.
Nowadays, we often see shirts produced with synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. The main reason for this is that the production of this type of synthetic material is very cheap compared to cotton yarn. You should know that when you wear a shirt from this inexpensive material, you will not be able to give you the comfort you are looking for, and that after a while you will face intense sweating while wearing this shirt.
It is also worth noting that the production of a shirt from 100% cotton does not mean that the shirt will be of good quality. Quality fabrics are formed only by weaving the threads that are thin and make you feel soft when you touch them. In order to produce fine cotton yarn, cotton types with a fiber length above a certain standard should be used. For example, the type of cotton grown in Egypt and called “Giza Cotton”, grown in humid climatic conditions and fertile soils of the Nile Valley, is perfect for producing perfect shirts because it is extra long fiber. It is possible to produce very fine and durable yarns, of course, the price of Giza Cotton is higher than all other cotton types.
An important issue that determines the quality of the shirt is the fineness and strength (strength) of the yarn to be used. The yarn number, which is the standard “yarn Ne” (usually read as yarn En-e) used to denote yarn fineness. We can say that the higher the yarn count, the thinner the thread. As the yarn count increases, the yarn becomes thinner and the strength, quality and therefore the price of the fabrics woven from these fine yarns increase. As a result, the expression of 100% cotton alone is not an indicator of quality. The price of the 30 number, 50 number, 100% cotton fabric is in the order of 1 – 3 Euro, while the price of 100% cotton fabric produced from the number 120 – 140 is 10 – 15 Euro.
The excess amount of yarn per centimeter of the fabric of a 100% cotton shirt determines both the strength and softness of the fabric. In other words, it shows the quality of the fabric. For example, when comparing the fabric with 30 threads in one centimeter and the fabric with 50 threads in one centimeter, we can say that the fabric with 50 threads in centimeters is better quality, both as a feeling of strength and softness.

We have already mentioned the importance of twisted yarn in yarn numbering. We can say that the fabric produced with 100/2 yarn will be more qualified and stronger compared to a fabric with 50 pieces of 100/1 yarn in one centimeter and 100 pieces of fabric with 100/2 yarn in centimeter.

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