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Shaving Foam or Shaving Cream?


The resulting shaving foam softens the skin and hairs during shaving and minimizes friction by acting as a cushion, providing an irritated shave. There are many products available with different contents and properties to obtain shaving foam.

According to market researches, shaving foam and shaving gel are preferred by men who live fast, want to complete and finish their shaving ritual as soon as possible, and are more prone to fast consumer products. Shaving cream is preferred by men who travel frequently who want to obtain the foam practically. Shaving soap is preferred by men who devote a certain amount of time to shaving ritual in their daily life and prefer products with a long service life rather than fast consumption products.

So if all of these products make foam after all, does it matter which one we use? Yes, it is of great importance.

Gel or Foam?

Briefly, there are differences between shaving gel and shaving foam. Shaving foam provides a faster and easier to rinse foam; shaving gel has a more intense and slippery form. In our opinion, neither option is ideal for wet shaving and skin.


Generally alcohol-based
Inexpensive and contains chemicals
Often overdries the skin
Not the “right” tool for wet shaving
It is full of air so it does not provide the lubrication and lubrication needed for a comfortable close wet shave
Being full of air creates another problem: it makes it difficult for the foam to hold the bristles upright. This causes post-shaving irritation
Synthetic perfumes are used instead of essential oils for fragrance as they are cheap


Most do not contain alcohol
Made from more skin-friendly and natural ingredients
Softens beard and skin
Provides an accurate and real wet shaving experience as the water used to soften the beard remains on the face
Often contains essential oils that are gentle on the skin for a comfortable shave
Promotes an irritation-free shave by removing bristles
A rich foam can be obtained thanks to its natural content and creamy structure.

Check out the ingredients for each product you put on your skin. Intense chemical ingredients in cheap products are not skin friendly and do not have a positive contribution to shaving. Because of their short lifetime, they force you to re-consumption continuously in a cycle.


Shaving cream is a soft substance with a paste-like consistency. Partially offered in cream-like containers or usually in tubes. Most men with wet shaving habit get shaving foam with a traditional style cream or soap instead of cheap aerosol products. Shaving creams can create foam in a very short time when combined with wet shaving brushes. Also, the scent of shaving creams tends to stay longer than shaving soaps. Shaving creams contain more water than soap.

Shaving soaps have a stiffer form than creams and usually come in a round form. Thanks to the glycerin and oil bases in its content, they lubricate the skin while shaving and keep it moist. Creating mousse with shaving soaps takes a little more work than creams. But the foam tends to stay longer, although it takes more effort. It needs to be renewed less frequently as it retains its form longer than foams obtained from foam creams obtained with shaving soaps.

As a result, shaving cream and shaving soap are not superior to each other. Since the features of both are unique, you can choose according to your personal preferences and usage habits. We do not recommend shaving foam or shaving gels that are air-pressed into metal cans and contain heavy chemicals. You should include shaving cream or shaving soap in your shaving ritual for a true and healthy wet shave.


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