Saturday, March 6, 2021

How to choose a good Shampoo?

Especially women pay attention to make their hair look beautiful, shiny and soft. The most important factor for having such hair is the right shampoo selection. But do we know what we should consider when choosing our shampoo?

1) If you think the shampoo you use is good because it foams a lot, you are wrong. If the shampoo you use is foaming a lot, many chemicals have been added to this. These chemicals will harm your scalp.

2) When choosing your shampoo, you should take the one that suits your hair type. For example, if you have oily hair, you should stay away from shampoos specially made for dry hair that has a moisturizing effect.

3) You should pay attention to the pH of the shampoo you received. The pH of your shampoo should not be lower than 5.5.

4) You should stay away from shampoos that contain chemicals such as paraben. These products disrupt the pH of the shampoo and cause damage to the hair and scalp.

5) You should stay away from the shampoos that are included with the conditioner, and you should buy the shampoo and conditioner separately. The structures of the two products are different.

6) You should not use shampoos that you don’t know what they are because they are cheap.


Shampoo is very important for healthy hair as much as nutrition and care. Let’s learn what happened and be conscious about this.

Sodium Sulfate (Sodium Lauret Sulfate), this substance is used in cleaning materials and detergents. This substance that helps foaming can cause hair to wear out. However, shampoos that this substance is not used are almost non-existent. added.

Parabens prolong the shelf life of the Shampoo, but it may shorten our lifespan.

Formaldehyde is carcinogenic and causes skin irritation.

Ammonium Sulfate (ammonium Laureth Sulfate) causes hair to wear like sodium sulfate and is also used in cleaning products.

Dietanolamine causes the hair to dry. It is a harmful chemical.


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