Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What should be considered when buying a SCHOOL BAG?

Stating that the wrong bag selection affects back and spine health adversely “Heavy and inappropriate school bags, as a result of excessive and unbalanced load on the spine, children, low back, neck pain and posture disorders.

The back, neck and back pains in children caused by non-ergonomic bag selection and use will cause fatigue and weakness, which may lead to school failure. Parents should prefer a light bag for their children. Bag selection should be made according to the height and weight of the child. The weight of the bag should not exceed 10-15 percent of the child’s weight. The weight of the bag should be wide and should be chosen thick enough to distribute the weight evenly.

The weight and structure of the bag is as important for the health of the children as it is to use and carry. The bag should not be carried on one shoulder. The weight should be spread evenly on both shoulders. Fixing with a belt or strap from the bottom of the bag also prevents the displacement of the weight on the back to make children more comfortable. In children when the recommended bag weight is exceeded, the load should be distributed evenly.

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