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How to choose a good Sausage?

Sausages that use chemicals that contain harmful substances such as nitrite and nitrate pose a danger to our health. Industrial companies frequently use these substances to prevent the sausage from giving red color and spoiling. Even if these substances obtained from extremely harmful compounds do not show their effect quickly, they cause serious health problems in the future. Today, two different methods are used in making sausage. It is a fermenting and heat treatment method.

What is the difference between fermented sausage and heat treated sausage?

In fact, the traditional / pre-mechanized sausage is fermented sausage. Before mechanization, 4 delicatessen products are obtained from relatively better meat. Of course, the high fat-state says you cannot put more than 35-45% animal fat to the producer.

Returning to fermented sausage production, our ancestors actually made it simple: They mixed the meat with spices, filled it in natural intestines, hung it and kept it waiting. The meat is fermented inside with the spices and also dries up at the same time, but it takes a long time for this to happen – like 30 days. When it comes to mechanization and commercialization, it is very normal because everybody wants to eat from this beauty – it becomes a commercial good, and ovens are used first to accelerate the production, to accelerate the fermentation, then a more stable / stable taste with additives and flavorings getting caught.

Heat treated sausage, on the other hand, is a product whose name has been heard recently because the state took over the situation and made it so. Old type, baking etc. There was almost no more to produce sausage by waiting 30 days without making it. This difference was made when the times returned to the market after waiting for 2 days after baking for a few hours. Fermented sausages are a bit more expensive, yes, but they are not very different from heat-treated sausage, especially when they are made and sold by big brands in supermarkets, they are only kept for a little longer, but almost all of them are filled in artificial intestines. The main fermented sausage is really tough as dry meat, in my sight.

It is important that the outer surface of the sausage is dry. When the sausage is controlled by hand, it is very important that it is not too hard or too soft. Sausage products with an artificial redness should be avoided. Sausage should be kept in cool places; but this situation alone is not enough. Packaged products should be consumed as soon as possible after opening the package. Care should be taken, considering that different additives can be added to the sausages that become very crumbly and crumbling when cooked. Sausage food should be kept wrapped in a bag in a separate section from other foods. If the sausage you buy is a wet sausage product, it should be kept in an airy place without sunlight.

Sausage products containing starch should not be preferred.

In addition, expressions such as butcher sausage or barbecue sausage on various products are not decisive, they should not be taken seriously. Suitable values ​​for fermented sausage are as follows; 40% humidity at most, minimum 16% oil content and at most 5.4 PH.
A quality sausage should be priced at least for cubed meat.

The color of quality sausage becomes bright and lively.

When the consumer smells the sausage, it will smell pleasant. If it smells mold or annoying, that sausage should not be preferred.

The meat filled in the intestine should be tight, there should be no space between the intestine and the meat.

A good sausage should be easily sliced.

Our consumers should definitely prefer branded products for reliable sausage.

If the sausage shrinks after leaving the sausage fat while cooking, this sausage is not a very high quality sausage.

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