Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How to choose a good Sapling?

1) When purchasing any saplings, ask the seedling vendor if they have “Plant Protection and Quarantine Transport and Sales Certificate”.

2) If there is a “Plant Protection and Quarantine Transport and Sales Certificate”, see the date of issue.

3) It should be paid attention to whether the sapling to be selected is certified and seedlings with a label must be preferred.

4) Make sure that the roots of the seedlings are not rotten. If the roots of the seedlings have fungus, that is, nemotode (root cancer), do not take it.

5) Saplings should not have tubers in their roots, stems and branches. These tubers can be a sign of disease.

6) When buying seedlings, much attention should be paid to the vaccine. We need to see the place of merging with rootstock and see that it is grafted.

7) Bark bits and similar pests should not be on the trunk of the seedlings. The appearance of seedlings should be vivid and bright.

8) It should be noted that the fringe roots are well developed.

9) Young seedlings should be preferred when choosing seedlings. Because it is considered a shock for the sapling to remove it from its original location and move it to its new place. Old seedlings are supposed to bear fruit earlier; whereas young seedlings quickly gather themselves and fall into fruit together with old seedlings. In addition, young seedlings are advantageous in terms of packaging, transportation and price.

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