Wednesday, April 21, 2021

What should be considered when buying RAINCOAT?

1) When choosing a raincoat, you must first determine what to use it for. The choice depends on climate, weather, activity and budget. Where and how you use it is very important at this point. For example, if you are going to use your raincoat in nature sports, you should choose from easy folding and non-wrinkle fabrics. You should prefer raincoats that remove the sweat from the body and allow you to do sports more efficiently.

2) The most important feature for cyclists is light weight and breathability, while the resistance to sailing and dry wind can be more important for sailors. As the athletes who make sailboats are constantly moving, only the protection of the raincoat is not enough. Raincoat; it should be more flexible except for breathing and dryness, and should not interfere with the continuous movements within the boat. If you want a raincoat to use in your daily life, you can choose raincoats made of waterproof fabrics with pattern and color according to your style. You can wear long and dark raincoats on your way to work, and you can choose the latest fashion transparent raincoats for daily use.

3) Running raincoats with ventilation gaps under the arms prevent the ingress of water while throwing the sweat out thanks to their breathable structures.

4) Hoodie, chin protector, pockets and zipper help you protect more.

5) Make sure there is an extra fabric with velcro on the zippered raincoats.

6) Easy and well packaged raincoat gives you an advantage.

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