Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How to choose a good Printer?

Whatever the budget allocated, in addition to printing on a printer, every feature you want will increase your budget. For example, let’s say that in addition to the printing function, features such as “scanner, fax, copy, double-sided printing, color option, network” always require additional costs.

Printers are divided into different types. Of these, inkjet printers are the types of printers that they prefer to obtain “quality color output”. These printers, which are generally preferred by those who want to produce photo print quality, use the so-called cartridges and their prices are very expensive. Sometimes, the price of the cartridge may exceed the price of the printer. Those who want to buy from this printer model should pay attention to some issues. First, stay away from the cheap of these printers! In other words, by adding additional features such as multi-function in the market, cheap inkjet printers for attracting customers can often be a problem. Because, as I mentioned above, these printers are more expensive than the cartridges themselves. These printers, which can deteriorate very quickly and have a problem with the printhead drying when not used for a long time, are ideal for those who want to have very few outputs per month and year. For personal use, I would recommend those who want to obtain only photo printing, and I recommend that they buy a quality product if necessary for this type of printer. Many people around us will realize that these printers, which they prefer to print for their “school children”, are no different from an ornamental item that occupies space in a few years. Our other type of printer is dot matrix printers, which is already used in accounting and banking. I can easily say that these printers, which you will witness making a sound like velcro during printing at a bank, are not suitable for individual use. Laser printer types are the most suitable printer models for both individual and mass use today. These printers use powder consumables called toner. These printers, which provide the opportunity to refill or use equivalent toner at a more affordable price, have models that can print in both black and white and color. Perhaps the only downside to this type of printer is that it does not produce an inkjet quality printout in color printing. Despite this, I can say that a successful output can be achieved. You can use even the cheapest model for years without any problems for laser printers that work with the same logic as the copier. I can even say that only the black and white feature printers, which are the cheapest models of laser printers both individually and institutionally, are often preferred.

If you want to buy a printer, you can only make a selection according to “what is your budget”. So the more meatballs, the more bread. Let me remind you that every desired additional feature causes additional costs. When this is the case, it makes sense to buy a printer that will meet your minimum basic needs. For example, if you are not going to use fax or double-sided printing, you do not need to buy a printer with such a feature. If you prefer a color printer instead of black and white when you don’t need it, then you will find that the price of the toner is different.

Let’s not forget the toner issue again. We said that the toner is very economical. However, alternative toners may not be compatible since some new generation printers use “chips”. If you are a person who gets a lot of printing, you should definitely find out if you are using equivalent or refill toner in the printer you will buy before purchasing.

Standard single-sided black-and-white printing and scanner functionality are sufficient for individual use. At the corporate level, only standard single-sided black-and-white printing and network printers are ideal. Of course, additional features may be requested depending on the desired situations.


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