Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Which Photovoltaic Panel?

There are many materials used in the installation of Sun Power Plant. The most important of these is the PV panels which make up 50% of the cost. In this case, I will try to give you some information from my experience. What should we pay attention to when buying a FV Panel?
When purchasing PV Panel for Solar Power Plant, please ask the manufacturer for the test results of the panels. You can see which quality FV Panel you buy from those results.
As a result of this test, it is determined how many watt label values ​​of PV Panel will be with + 5W tolerance. To put it briefly, we should see FV Panel label values ​​with a tolerance of +5 watts in these test results.
Make sure that the electrical tolerance values ​​of the PV panels you buy are positive (+) tolerant.
These tolerances indicate that the PV Panel you receive will be above xxx Watts on the label. Otherwise, there will be loss of efficiency.
When you decide where to buy the PV Panel, I would like to talk about a control situation that you can do outside the test results. You can do Flash Test by selecting randomly from the ready-to-ship panels that are manufactured and labeled.
The raw materials of PV panels and a manufactured panel also have a shelf life. That’s why you need to know when the PV panel you’re buying is produced. Be sure to stay away from FV Panels that are in stock for over a year. If you have to, do not forget to take the Flash Test again.

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