Tuesday, June 22, 2021

What Should We Pay Attention When Choosing Photocopy Paper?

Paper has many uses, but today we will examine the papers used in copiers and printers. What should we pay attention to when buying copy paper to our printer in our office, at home?

Weight (Weight): It is the expression of the weight of one m2 of paper in grams. It is a factor that determines the thickness of the paper and the absorption-reflectance feature of the paper based on the weight of the paper. The thickness of the paper changes according to the job you want to do. E.g; The weight of a paper that you will use in business card printing is higher than the weight of a paper that you will use with one-sided printing. For example; while newspaper papers average 45 gr / m2, business cards weigh 300-350 gr / m2. An average copy paper is 80 gr / m2. Papers are also classified according to the density of the material used in its production. These;

First Pulp Papers: These are papers with high cellulose ratio in terms of the raw material used in their production. Generally, books, brochures etc. Used in printing.

Second Pulp Papers: These are papers with 50% cellulose ratio in terms of the raw material used in the production. It can be used in book printing, but it does not yield high efficiency. Its color is not completely white.

Third Pulp Papers: These are papers with low cellulose content in terms of the raw material used in their production. Straw is also referred to as papers. It is not used in printing processes.

The weight of the paper also determines the light absorption-reflectance feature (opacity). Writing on two sides of paper on low-weight paper does not give quality results because the text on one side appears on the other. So what should we choose? Although this varies according to your usage area, the papers with the most optimum usage rate are the ones weighing 80 gr from the first pulp papers.

Brand and Production Location: Since there are so many choices in the paper industry, known brands are the number one choice of those who want to avoid too many problems. However, businesses that want to reduce their costs turn to products that are cheaper than these papers, which are generally of high prices. Here, the origin of the paper comes to the fore. In particular, papers from the far east are of lower quality than those from the European Region. These types of papers, which are bought as cheap, may cause problems in printers / copiers.

What are the Ideal Paper Storage Conditions?

Keeping paper properly is as important as choosing it. Our papers should be stored on a flat surface and unopened. Especially storing horizontally allows the paper to be stored longer. Storing upright changes the shape of the papers and deforms them due to the pressure on them. Ambient temperature should be between 18-25 degrees and humidity should be above 50%. Since there is a different environment than the room temperature in the machine, excess paper that is not used should be stored inside and outside the machine.

Source: https://www.istekirtasiye.com/fotokopi-kagidi-secerken-nelere-dikkat-etmeli

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