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How to choose a good Perfume?

Fragrances are based on essences. Organic and synthetic extracts obtained from plant and animal extracts are processed and turned into essential oils.

While creating perfumes, alcohol-based substances are mixed into it to make it squeezable. Even the best quality perfume you know necessarily contains alcohol. Alcohol-free products cannot be stored in sprayable bottles, cannot be squeezed, and are used as oil in spreadable bottles. Although the most intense perfumes are called “extrait de parfum”, this type of perfume is rarely encountered in daily life due to high costs and prices. Extrait perfumes contain between 20% and 40% perfume essence concentrate. EDP ​​perfumes known as “Eau de Parfum” in the market contain between 10% and 25% essence concentrate. EDT (Eau de Toilette) products contain between 5% and 15%, while perfumes in the form of EDC, ie Eau de Cologne, contain 5% or less perfume essence.

Perfumes also have their notes

Perfumes make notes. Fragrance compositions are completed with three-step notes. Lower, middle and upper notes; Also called base / bottom, heart and top notes. When you spray a perfume, you can see a difference between the smell you hear at the first moment and what remains on the skin after hours. Those that are heard at the first moment define the upper notes, the middle notes felt on the skin after about half an hour, and the ones that are traced on the skin lastly define the lower notes. Each perfume, finely designed by expert noses and perfumers, carries a journey that takes hours in its fragrance. While some notes are composed of plant scents, fruits and flowers in the upper and middle notes, some notes consist of woody and animal notes that provide permanence. You can encounter sandalwood, amber, musk, patchouli, cedar and vanilla in the bottom notes. When you first spray a perfume, you may like its fragrance on your skin, but you may not like the harmony of the lower notes with the skin, or on the contrary, you can find much more excitement than the upper notes have in the scent hours later.

Perfume Smells Different on Every Skin

The smell of perfumes on the skin is determined by many variables. Many factors such as whether the users wear glasses, eating habits, consumption of tobacco products, hair length affect the release of odor in the skin. Daily consumption of milk, cigarettes and spices determines the smell of the skin. Contrary to common belief, being white or dark skinned does not matter for the odor, while the skin type directly affects the posture of the odor on the skin. While oily skin carries the scent longer, the permanence of odor decreases in dry skin. Physiological factors such as the pH of the skin, pregnancy, menstrual periods, low water consumption, iron deficiency and diabetes also change the smell of the skin. Since everyone’s skin scent is different, the perfume is not expected to smell the same on every skin. You may not like the perfume you like so much in a person on your skin, or you may experience that the smell that someone else finds permanent disappears on your skin immediately. While choosing a fragrance, you should not neglect the choice of skin, even if you focus on nose taste. You should definitely try the perfume on your skin and witness the change of the scent within hours. After applying the scent in a perfume store, you should wait an average of three hours and try to hear the smell again from time to time.

Perfume Test for Correct Fragrance Selection

You should know that many of the habits that you think are right and are used when choosing perfume are wrong. First of all, scents have no gender. You may not comply with the labels produced by the companies due to their marketing strategies. When you have a fragrance you like very much, you should smell it regardless of gender. Trying perfumes on paper does not give accurate references. The paper allows you to smell the scent in the bottle. However, the impression of the scent you will use on your skin can be completely different. You should try the perfume on your skin. Experts state that sniffing coffee is one of the most common mistakes when switching between odors. Your nose can get tired while trying the perfumes, in this case you should breathe deeply for a few minutes in the open air. You cannot make the right choice, as intense smells such as coffee will block the scent receptors in the nose. You should prefer 4-5 hours after waking up, around noon to try the scent. You can make the right choice when your nose is open and not tired yet. You can also find more correct fragrances in winter than in summer. Hot weather is also one of the factors that tire the nose.

Experience the Supporting Effect of Fragrances

When choosing a perfume, the effect of fragrances should not be overlooked. Especially in perfumes made from organic essences, the effect of plants is also experienced. The relaxing power of lavender and the concentration-enhancing power of blood orange can be experienced by users in scents using intense essences. While woody essences, which are frequently used in men’s perfumes, are believed to have a supportive effect for leadership and self-confidence, it is observed that the vetiver note is preferred to leave a charismatic impression. You can choose rose scents for peace, rosemary extracts for intuition and regular sleep, and perfumes with citrus essences to increase creativity. By using scents as supportive elements, not therapeutic, you can make more room for the scent in your life.

Is the Legend of Aphrodisiac Perfume Real?

Aphrodisiac effects are often used in perfume promotions. Perfumes, which are claimed to increase libidinal energy, are explained by an indirect effect, contrary to what is known by scent experts. Although smells claimed to contain pheromones are found, it is known that the region that would perceive the pheromone in humans disappeared during the evolutionary process. In other words, even though the perfume contains pheromones, the fragrance remains dysfunctional because the other person does not perceive it. However, the aphrodisiac effect of natural fragrances that evoke sexuality to people can be mentioned. For example, the scent of jasmine is known as one of the scents closest to human skin, and sexual attraction can be created using the scent of jasmine. Animal smells such as musk can also increase sexual desire and give the expected aphrodisiac effect.

Do you use the same fragrance in summer and winter?

In the summer, it is difficult to feel the light smells in hot weather. For this reason, it is known that people living in hot countries tend to smell more intense. However, in order not to tire the nose, it is recommended to prefer lighter scents in the summer months. In fact, it is known that the famous perfumes of the same brand, the ones made in France, are planned more intensely, while the ones produced in Dubai are designed lighter due to the hot weather. In summer, you can prefer fragrances with floral, citrus and green notes to make your nose comfortable. In winter, you can use partially more concentrated extracts. You can feel comfortable by using spicy, woody and oriental scents in the winter months, and you can create a pleasant breeze without exposing the people around you to intense odor.

It is possible to increase the permanence of perfume with small tips

Users can use different methods to increase the permanence of the perfume. You can enhance the fragrance with the by-products in the perfume sets. You can feel the scents of the perfumes you use with soaps, deodorants, shower gels and lotions that have the same scent as the perfume for much longer. If there is no by-product; By choosing products such as odorless deodorant and soap, you can ensure that the smell is perceived clearly. Especially dry skin prevents the smell from staying on the skin for a long time. If you are one of the people whose skin is not oily, you can moisturize the area by applying odorless lotions to the areas where you will apply the scent and help the scent stay on the skin for longer. Cotton or woolen fabrics moistened with scent can also be placed in the drawers so that the clothes to be worn carry the odor.

Also, if you spray the perfume from a distance rather than close, its permanence will increase. Also, squeeze it in places where blood pressure is high, such as behind the ear, inside the wrist, but do not try to distribute the perfume by rubbing the wrists together after squeezing it into the wrist, this causes the odor molecules to be damaged and produce a different odor than the original one.

Storage Suggestions to Extend Perfume’s Life

You can store the perfumes in the right conditions by paying attention to the small points. First of all, you should not throw away the original boxes of perfumes. Perfume should stay away from heat, light and moisture. After using the perfume, you can put it in the box, or you can store the perfume in the door cabinets. You should keep odors away from heat sources, stoves, windows and radiators. Some users find it appropriate to store fragrances in refrigerators. Perfumes must be kept in the refrigerator when they are mixed with alcohol for the first time, but it is never recommended to put ready-to-buy fragrances in cold areas such as refrigerators, as it will disrupt odor molecules. You should immediately give up this habit, which is caused by the misunderstanding of a few hours of cooling ritual in perfume design. You can choose room temperature for ideal storage for perfumes. Moisture is another factor that spoils perfumes. Perfumes should be kept away from intense humid environments and the cover should be kept closed. By storing your perfumes in the right conditions, you can extend their life up to 18 months.

Most perfumes sold on the Internet are either end-of-life or counterfeit. Be sure to check the production date from the batch code. Unfortunately, they do not accept the return of the product just because its packaging has been opened. Therefore, it is useful to pay attention while buying. Regarding the product, I definitely recommend you to try it in a store before you buy it. The tastes and colors are indisputable, so don’t buy products blindfolded by comments.

If you want a very permanent perfume, buy the EDP (eau de parfum contains 15% to 22% aromatic oil) ones that you want. EDT (eau de toilette contains 8% and 15% aromatic oil, eau de cologne contains only 4% aromatic oil) perfumes become less permanent. Those who have extreme sensitivity to odor are recommended to use eau fraiche containing 1% to 3% aromatic oil.

Source: https://www.hepsiburada.com/kesfet/

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