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How to choose a good Paint?

How to choose the right paint? What to pay attention to when choosing paint

If you want to make changes in your living spaces, you can find the answer to the question of how to choose the right paint for your home. There are many paint alternatives such as matte, silk matte and glossy. How to choose the right paint for your home? You can find various information such as what to look for when choosing paint.

How to Choose the Right Paint?

The types of paint vary depending on the materials you want to paint, so you should consider this when asking how to choose the right paint. For example, if you want to paint the wall; The silicone silk mat paint will be the most suitable for you. The prominent features of silicone silk matte paint are as follows: Silicone silicone silk matte paint which resolves the problem of elasticity with silicone structure, is a fully erasable paint with silk appearance, also being water based both solves the problem of odor and depends on moisture and moisture on your walls, because it solves the smell problem. it should be underlined that it will be more resistant to swelling and spills. All water-based paints are breathable Silicone-based water-based paints have the ability to be cleaned, silicone silicone matte paints are fully wipable. The fade resistance of silk matte lengths is higher and higher in size than other paints.

Silk Matt Paint, Gloss Paint, Light Gloss Paint, Matte Paint

In this section, we have explained the question of how to choose the right paint when applying wall paint in your living spaces, where the differences between bright paint, matte paint and silk mat paint can be used in detail. When to use matte paint? If you have pets or children, you may want to avoid a flat surface, which is the most difficult to clean walls. However, the nature of paint gloss is to reflect light. This is the perfect option to hide defects on your walls and quickly cover the wall. Because they have more pigment, they take up less space and are the most economical choice to cover large areas in the home. Matt paints can bring perfect aesthetics to your home.

Where to Use Matt Paint? Matt paints are suitable for areas such as ceilings, bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms that do not see much traffic or dirt. In addition, it can be used to hide defects on the wall.

Light Gloss Paint

Light gloss paints have a reflectance of about 35 to 70 percent.

When to Use Light Gloss Paint?

If you are having trouble deciding whether low brightness is right for you, consider both the texture of the walls and the purpose of the room. Low gloss paints are very durable and ideally suited to very busy traffic areas of homes. They also provide better resistance to stains and damage; however, due to their high reflectivity, you cannot hide defects on the wall.

Where to Use Light Gloss Paint?

Light gloss paints can be used in a variety of areas such as doors, windows, flooring, molding, corridors, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and even cupboards. Due to their high durability, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is also ideal for areas where water, soap, dirt or grease will meet and can be easily cleaned.

Bright Paint

If you’re looking for the right paint to achieve a perfect finish, elegant gloss and highest durability, glossy paint is the best option for your application. Gloss paints offer a reflectivity of 70 percent or higher and are the easiest to clean compared to semi-gloss, satin and matte surfaces. One of the most important drawbacks of using gloss paints is that almost every defect in the wall will be highlighted by the brightness. In addition, fingerprint sensitive areas should be coated in a very bright application on any other paint coating.

When should you use glossy paints?

For bright paints, high-traffic areas and fixed and heavy-duty rooms in your home, it is the perfect answer to the question of how to choose the right paint. Highest durability and long life can be achieved with high gloss. While this high reflective paint application can show imperfections on your wall, cleaning is extremely easy compared to matt paint.

Where to use high gloss paint?

Perfect for glossy surfaces, door coverings, woodwork, molding, cupboards, kitchens, bathrooms and even outdoor applications. Because it is the most durable type of paint available, you can also count on the longevity of the application. If you plan to stay at home for many years, take advantage of applying glossy paint to high-traffic areas where dirt and damage will occur. Because of the highly reflective nature of the paint, it is a better option to hire a professional to apply, because a flat coat is difficult to maintain. The defects of the application will be much more noticeable compared to smooth, satin and even semi-gloss paints.

Satin Paint

Since Satin Paint has a slightly higher gloss and more durability than matte surfaces, the application can be much more favorable to other areas in the home. Lower reflector is easier to clean than counterparts. It is ideal for more active rooms in the home and can be used even outdoors because of its higher durability. Consider its application because, unlike eggshells or matte dyes, it does not hide satin defects and is much more difficult to apply without improper application.

Where Should You Use Satin Paint?

Satin paints are perfect for high-traffic rooms in the home and can be applied to corridors, foyers, guest bathrooms, window and door coverings, blinds, family rooms, children’s bedrooms, kitchens and laundries. Because of their high durability they can make any room glow easier and easier to clean and with a beautiful, elegant shine.
Before preparing houses for painting

The easiest and least costly way to create change in homes is to change their color koymak It is one of the most accurate actions to be taken to reveal the condition of the surface to be painted before starting work. If there is a problem caused by insulation such as mold and moisture on the surface, this problem must be solved first. Bulking, spilled weak points after cleaning the paste should be repaired. After the surface is sanded and primed, the paint can now be applied. It is recommended to apply at least two coats of paint to achieve the desired appearance. First the ceilings, then the walls.

Paint application tools are selected according to the criteria such as the condition of the surface to be painted, the type of paint to be applied, and the easiest way of application. There are basically three types of wall painting techniques: roller, brush and gun application. The most common and most common painting technique in flat applications is painting all surfaces with roller, using brush where the roller cannot reach easily. Professional application guns save both time and labor in very spacious and comfortable working environments.

Materials needed for painting walls…

If surface repairs are required, cement-based repair mortars and ready-to-use pastes will be required for surface smoothing. Prepare materials such as application apparatus, masking tape, practical covering, non-slip covering and sanding. And of course the surface area and paint for details. In furnished houses, painting is a laborious task but it is possible to create practical solutions by following the correct paths in this matter…

When starting paint application, moving the goods and accessories with high risk of breakage to a different environment should be the first precaution. Collecting other items in a certain area and wrapping them with special covers will ensure that the paint does not splash. In addition, non-slip cover and electrostatic special covers can be used to protect the floor against paint splashes.

How do you calculate how much paint is needed for a room?

As a simple method, the floor area of ​​the room must be calculated first. The wall area is practically 2.2 times the floor area. As a result of this process, approximately the side surface area to be painted is determined. The ceiling area is equal to the floor area. Using this information, you can calculate the amount of paint required for the room with the consumption of square meters of area. Consumption of all the paints of Dyo’s paints and information on how many square meters of area can be painted with that packaging are included. This mathematical operation tells you about how much paint you will need. The current state of the surface to be painted directly affects how much paint should be on it. Paint consumption on highly absorbent surfaces may exceed expectations.

The fastest drying paint…

Quick drying of the paint is an important advantage to save time. Water-based paints are the fastest drying paints at normal room temperature. The fact that water-based paints are odorless makes them more preferable as it accelerates the return of the life in the house to the old order as well as the health dimension.

What should we pay attention to when choosing paint…

In the selection of paint; wiping, brightness, opacity, color, odor, drying time, quantity and cost. In addition to all these, you have to pay attention to whether the paint you choose is suitable for the surface of your walls. A product you like or love may not be suitable for your walls.

For example; choosing matt products on plastered old painted surfaces prevents uneven surfaces from creating an uncomfortable appearance. On a smooth, smooth and putty surface, you can choose products that have a brighter and silky appearance. This gives you a smooth and smooth image on the surface.

In general, it is recommended to use dyes at +25 C, 50 percent relative humidity. Since the weather affects the drying of the paint, it is not recommended for risky weather, especially exterior applications.

Now you are ready to paint boya All you need for color change in your home is a paint master who will make the right application as important as the properties, covering and performance of the paint.

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