Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Which Organic Sauerkraut?

Organic Sauerkraut

When purchasing probiotic sauerkraut, keep in mind the following simple tips:

Avoid pasteurized varieties:

Pasteurization kills probiotic bacteria in pickles. The aforementioned benefits are only benefits from a live pickle, a dead pickle is just a delicious appetizer alongside meals. Every pasteurized food is dead.

Avoid preservatives: All industrially pickled pickles contain fermentation inhibitors. These preservatives, just like pasteurizing, aim to kill bacteria in pickles.

Avoid added sugars: Sauerkraut should contain only three basic ingredients: cabbage, salt and water. Avoid those with added sugar.

Pickles added with industrial vinegar, lemon salt etc. are not probiotic pickles.

Source: http://www.organiklahanatursusu.com

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