Saturday, March 6, 2021

Which olive oil should be bought?

Look for early harvesting and cold pressing.
Olive oil is the content of polyphenol, which is its beneficial components to health, which makes it a miracle nutrient. Polyphenols are at the highest level in early harvest period, as the olives in the tree ripen, polyphenol decreases and the amount of oil in it increases. For correct processing of the olives, it is also necessary to cold-squeeze and use as little water as possible. Because polyphenols are volatile and water soluble, they are easily mixed with water and disappeared by means of hot extrusion and water extrusion. Early harvested products are very beneficial to health when processed with cold pressing ”.
Secondly, the olive oil should be smelled before the purchase
“Olive smell is an undesirable smell of olive oil contrary to what is believed and tells the fruit is squeezed by waiting too much. You should smell a fruity smell when you smell, you should not smell bad. Choose products that evoke fresh fruit and fresh grass scents. If there are odors that remind us of pastel or oil paint, this shows that the oil has waited. ”
Indicating that the third important point is the taste of olive oil. In taste olive oil gently hover over your tongue. A good olive oil should create a feeling of bitterness and burning in your throat. This caustic has nothing to do with acid, indicating that it contains a high amount of antioxidants. Olive oil’s health benefit, restorative and rejuvenating effect comes from here ”.
when buying olive oil, it should not be decided by looking at the color of the product.
There are fraudulent products on the market whose color is changed by adding certain substances. The color criterion can be misleading in selection ”
Be sure to buy olive oil instead of a pet bottle in a dark glass bottle.
Because the light passing through the olive oil bottle causes the substances in the product to deteriorate in a very short time. The low acidity of olive oil is a good indicator of how well olive oil is processed. Olive oils with an acid value of less than 0.3 percent are generally of good quality. Most importantly, remember that olive oil is a product that breaks down and loses its function. Preferably consume your product within a month or two.
Do not take the olive oil in a closed container without checking. Since the specific gravity of the olive oil is low, if other oils or water are mixed into it, the olive oil will rise to the top and you cannot understand that there is a foreign liquid at the bottom.
Another way to understand the quality of the oil is to put it in the refrigerator. If the oil freezes in the cabinet, this is proof that it is of good quality.

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