Tuesday, May 11, 2021

How to choose a good Motorcycle?

Normally, many of you think that when you buy zero motorcycles, everything is actually tested and out of the factory, but that’s not exactly the case. Many motorcycle manufacturers either do not fully combine the motorcycles that come out of the factory in terms of logistics requirements and transportation costs, or, after combining and testing, separate them and make them fit into the box. In this case, the engine you receive from the dealer is actually a jigsaw that comes out of a box and is joined by the dealer personnel.

The first thing we will check is the handlebars and mirrors, if the handlebars do not move when loaded and the assembly is correct. Since the mirrors are fastened with a reverse-turn screw system, they always have to be tightened properly, otherwise they leave it in the slightest jerk and begin to turn. Try the mirrors as soon as you get them, let’s see if they leave the slightest movement.

The second thing to look at is the manets, especially in motors using wire clutch, we need to make sure that the clutch wire is properly mounted, that is, when we pull the clutch manet, we have to see the plate detach, and when we release the manet, the magnet must come back. In the front brake crank, the control is both reversing and checking whether it is doing its job properly. Both are easy to control, we take the engine to the middle table, turn the front wheel and tighten the front brake without opening the ignition. If the wheel stops and when the manet returns, the assembly is complete. We shift the engine into gear when it is not running, we are still in the middle stand, we pull the clutch lever and rotate the rear wheel, and then we release it, if the manet is in place and the wheel stops, this assembly is also complete. In the meantime, we also realized that the chain and the rear wheel are in the correct condition.

Then the gas wire in the engines with wire gas, which we need to check. If the engine is not running, let’s bring the throttle all the way down, if it turns right back, it is okay, if it does not turn or it rotates slowly, the service must be checked.

The next stage is the control of the signal and other electrical components. Let’s turn on the ignition and try the headlights, front and rear signals, horn one by one, if there is not burning or working, the service should check and correct this situation.

The last control that comes to our mind is the front fork and the rear shock absorber. After all these checks, we can overtake the handlebars and set the front dampers down, sit in the rear passenger section and do the same thing in the rear shock absorber.

– If the person to use is a new engine user, an engine with an engine volume of more than 250 cc should not be taken.
– Regardless of how cool it looks, a motorcycle should be purchased to meet your needs, not to show off. While a scooter is the most useful vehicle in urban traffic, a sport motor can even be a trouble in the city.
– Don’t think that you will spend a significant amount of money on equipment such as helmets, knee pads, gloves, jackets, do not give all the money in your pocket to the engine, if necessary, get cheaper. Remember that you will have to buy quality equipment and you will need money for them. They are not accessories.

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