Monday, August 2, 2021

Be Careful While Buying Molasses?

It is a traditional taste that warms our winters, gives energy and reaches an even more delicious taste when mixed with sesame oil.

There are some studies that have caused us to approach him with a question mark in recent years. One of them is the mode of production.

Because, a substance called “hydorksimetifurfural” shortened as “HMF” was found to be increased in molasses prepared by subjecting to high temperatures. So why is the increase of “HMF” a problem? Because there are studies that this substance disrupts genes in the long term and increases the risk of cancer.

“So how do those healing molasses contain HMF, a carcinogenic substance?

Professor Doctor Semih Ötleş, a faculty member of the Ege University Food Engineering Department, is one of the most experienced specialists in “Food Chemistry”. He answered questions about molasses as follows: “Moving to the molasses example; It is known that unwanted compounds are formed at unusually high temperatures in traditionally produced molasses and the health risk is high. Because the formed free radicals can trigger the emergence of many diseases.

HMF is a short spelling of hydroxy methyl furfural. This substance is a compound that is analyzed as an indicator for control of production. The high amount of this is an indication that other undesirable compounds are also high.

In molasses, HMF level is determined as 75-100 mg / kg according to the molasses type by Food Codex. This limit should not be exceeded. Food Control Directorates control this in industrial products. “

There are a few questions to ask the producer or the seller when buying molasses.

1-Is molasses cooked in a vacuum boiler? (Yes, vacuum boilers providing controlled heat are the best tool for this job)

2- Does it contain molasses soil? (Heavy metal should never be put if pesticide analysis is not done. This molasses contains poison, not healing.)

3- Where is the storage location? (Because when stored in a direct sun, the HMF value increases. Therefore, it should not be exposed to direct sun either in the warehouse or at the sales place)


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