Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How to choose a good Luggage?

Whether cabin size, medium or large, lightness is the first condition. Remember, you will fill it up already. No matter how wheeled you will have to carry your luggage down and carry it many times. Moreover, airlines have weight limits.

If you usually use your luggage for air travel, the number of wheels is important. Although 2-wheeled suitcases work well, 4-wheeled suitcases are the most comfortable. When buying luggage, pay attention to the way the wheels are mounted on the luggage and the strength of the attachments. Luggage damage can be mostly in the form of wheel breaks in aircraft travel. Small and poor quality mounted wheels can be a problem, although the outer shell is very sturdy. When choosing a new suitcase, turn it upside-down, examine the wheel attachments.

Brightly colored, textured suitcases on the outside look very nice to our eyes in the store. However, if the suitcases material is fragile and thin, you can return with a cracked cracked suitcase like an egg shell after your first few trips. Those with a thick outer shell have a weight problem. For this reason, hard shell suitcases are not recommended, except for brands you trust very much. If you are buying fabric suitcases, I recommend you to have a waterproof bag. Fabric suitcases are much easier to wear. It is difficult to clean. The fabric may tear in a small blow. Since there is no hard shield on the back and sides, your belongings may be damaged. On the other hand, there is no possibility of breakage, it can be used for a long time if it does not get a piercing blow.

It happened to all of us. When you travel, the items that you carefully put in your suitcase will not fit in the return for some reason. Even if you don’t shop a lot, everything expands. Here are the bellows suit for such situations. No matter how much your item increased on the turn, you open the zippers. Sometimes, thanks to the blowers, your suitcase volume expands by 20%. So you can get rid of the trouble of carrying a second suitcase.

Generally, the more expensive the suitcase, the better quality. ‚ÄĚThis is a completely false fact. In fact, one of the tricks of understanding the quality when buying suitcases is to look at their stitches. Are the edges of the outer joints covered and lock stitching used? Are the zipper quality and seams intact? Is the handle of a quality material? Is it securely erected in the suitcase? These are indispensable rules for the longevity of your luggage. This is one of the tricks you should be careful about when buying a new suitcase.

One of the most important points to consider when buying new suitcases is squeegee handles. Their attachments to the suitcase must be made of durable and sturdy material and well mounted. Turn it on and off several times without getting cold while taking it. Check for any stuttering or slipping. Measure the height and height steps with your own height. You don’t want to drag two twisted suitcases during the trip. And never carry it with your luggage when carrying it. No matter how robust it is, the rickshaw handle cannot carry a full suitcase.

The interior design is as important as the outside of your luggage. Carefully check the inside pockets, zippered eyes, compartments. A well-designed luggage compartment with built-in compartments gives you great ease of use while traveling. You can organize your belongings much better and find what you are looking for. In some suitcases, the inner covers can be completely removed and washed. Of course, this is an extra comfort. Cabin size luggage brands are very good in this regard. You can both evaluate it well and avoid the hassle of waiting for suitcases after the flight.

Whether traveling on an airplane, bus, or ship, 80% of the suitcases are black. This may cause your luggage to interfere with others and not be selected remotely. So be a bit more brave when buying new suitcases, choose different colors. If you want to buy black necessarily, do not forget to buy a colored suit case with the suitcase. (Most sellers are already gifting this when buying new suitcases, don’t forget to ask!)

The name and address you write on is very important, so that your suitcase will not get lost on the plane or anywhere. It is very difficult to claim any rights when suitcases without address, phone and name information are lost. Of course, you can attach a name tag to your luggage later. However, it is very important for security to make sure you have a name plate on the suitcase.

Having your suitcase with you at all times during travel minimizes the risk of loss and breakage. Large and medium size suitcases are of course very useful. However, having a cabin-sized suitcase in your hand makes life easier every time. Generally, cabin size suitcases are 55x40x23 cm in size. It is highly recommended to travel with cabin size suitcases against the risk of waiting for luggage, getting lost and broken on plane trips.

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