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How to choose a good Lock?


Even if we buy the strongest, strongest door in the world to be protected from thieves, we would be wasting money. Because the most important point of the work is not the door but that little piece on the door; It is the door lock core where we insert our key and turn the lock. If we choose the right door lock core, we will be telling thieves stop. Of course, the only feature that the door lock core offers us is not security. It is also health and comfort. Let’s analyze how to choose a door lock core and what benefits it provides for us;

In this article, we will tell you about the security-related features of the door lock core.

1- Trap Lock

One of the most common features when choosing a door lock core is the trap lock. Many companies name this feature with different names;

– Even if it breaks, safe barrel (KGB barrel)
– Working cylinder even if it breaks (KÇS cylinder)
– Castle Trap Barrel (KTBS Lock Hub)
– Trapped barrel

So what is this trap lock? what does it do

Standard door lock hubs (Picture below) do not have traps. The weakest point is the screw hole for fixing the cylinder.

If the part of your door lock cylinder outside the door carries more than 5 mm from your door, your cylinder can be grabbed from that part with a tool such as a wrench. As I mentioned above, the point where your cylinder will break is the screw hole used to fix your lock cylinder (in the picture above). Your door lock cylinder is locked through the screw hole in the middle and your door can be opened easily. This process takes approximately 10-20 seconds in total. In this way, trap locks have begun to be produced in order not to be exposed to theft.

The trap lock is designed to break easily when faced with an incident as described above. When your barrel is grabbed with a tool like a wrench and tried to break it off, it easily breaks and there is no room to hold for a tool like wrench.

Well, can you open a cylinder with broken trap section with your own key?

Yes .. your barrel will continue to work 100%, but with 1-2 missing passwords .. Our recommendation is to buy a new door lock core immediately. Of course Trapped :))

Dormakaba gege pextra plus is the only door lock core that can still safely protect you after the trap part is broken. Because all the security elements are at the back of the trap. In most other brand products, security is at the front of the trap. With the trap, security is lost.

Are you 100 percent safe now?

No .. Let’s read our next article carefully;

2- Steel reinforced lock core

We will explain what steel reinforced barrels, which are indispensable for door lock cylinders, are used.

As you know, the weakest point of a door lock cylinder is the screw hole that we fix the cylinder to the lock and the door. The thieves hold the front part of your door lock cylinder with a tool like a wrench and shake it left and right and your cylinder breaks through the screw hole. The broken lock cylinder is taken out, the lock is turned with a screwdriver and your door is opened.

The steel reinforcement is designed to negate the malicious intentions described above. The danger increases if the lock cylinder is more than 5 mm from the front of the door. Each extra length of more than 5 mm makes the thief’s job easier.

Of course, not every steel reinforced barrel actually functions as the steel reinforcement described above. The most important issue here is the length of the steel reinforcement. The shorter the steel reinforcement, the harder it will be to break the barrel, as the strength of the material will increase. The longer the steel reinforcement or the larger the barrel, the easier the steel will break and then your door will open.

Most brands, unfortunately, add fancy steel reinforcements just to call their products steel reinforced, without any engineering calculations. dormakaba gege pExtra plus is designed by hundreds of engineers within the dormakaba company. All the results obtained are tested in the world’s and Europe’s most famous laboratories.

However, I must point out that steel reinforcement is never unbreakable. Although you choose the most robust one, it can be made after 10-30 minutes of struggle. The way to prevent this is simple; If you choose both a trapped and steel reinforced cylinder; First, the trapped part is broken and the holding power of the tool used by the thief is reduced to almost zero. Subsequently, the steel reinforcement is activated. The wrench-like tool, which could not hold anyway due to the trap, has come to a position where it can no longer gain the strength that can break the steel reinforcement.

In summary;
– The door lock core we choose must be trapped
– There should be steel reinforcement, but a short steel reinforced cylinder with high strength should be selected.

So, were we able to protect against thieves with these two features? It’s not that easy

3- Puncture-proof Steel Pins, Steel Ciphers

Although the method of drilling the door lock core with a drill is not a common method used by thieves when trying to open your door, it is a security problem you will encounter if you live in a detached house. One of the things you should pay attention to when choosing the lock core is that the pins and ciphers used in the cylinder are made of puncture resistant steel. Using steel pins and ciphers, the thief will make a much bigger noise while trying to pierce your door, and will also waste a very long time. The structure of the steel pins and passwords is shown in the picture below;

Material information comes into play in this regard. The materials used in the dormakaba gege pextra plus steel door lock core were carefully selected by German material engineers and passed all laboratory tests successfully.

4- Lock Pick Protection

While amateur thieves resort to methods that require brute force such as drilling and breaking, professional thieves prefer to use lockpicks. So make sure that the door lock core you bought is a lock pick system. Manufacturers add various lockup protection systems to the door lock hubs they produce;

a – 1 or 2 lock pin protected pins, password

b – Pin and password working from the side of the switch

c – Blocking pin located in the middle of the door lock core

Of course, all of these affect the production cost. For this reason, most manufacturers do not use all of these features in their door lock cores. The number of manufacturers using all of these features is not exceeding the fingers of a hand in the world. The lock pin protection pin developed by dormakaba engineers has been patented all over the world. No other brand of lock manufacturer can use this improved pin.

5- Use of latches in the door lock core

The latch is used on the inside of the door lock core (shown in the picture below). You will say what does this have to do with security! When choosing a door lock core, you should choose a core suitable for your home.

For example, if there is a glass right next to your door, you should never choose a latch door lock core. Even if you use a non-latch hub, you should not leave your key on the hub when you lock your door from the inside. Even if you buy the best door lock core in the world, the latch duo on the glass and lock core next to your door is the easiest door to open your home to thieves.

If there is no glass on the edge of your door, whether you use a latch or not is about your comfort, not safety. The latch is really a great comfort and also prevents you from forgetting the key on the door and pulling the door away, allowing you to lock your door without feeling lazy when you come home in the evening.

6- Non-replicable and Skate Key

An overlooked issue in door lock hubs is the key. We all lend our keys to our housekeeper, our neighbor, or anyone else. Imagine having a malicious person copy your key to some unlocking agent (this is very easy). Even the insurance company is disabled and will not pay you your loss in the thefts that occur with the key without the lock being forced.

Therefore, when choosing your lock core, you should choose those with patented keys that can only be opened by authorized dealers and only with a security card.

The key of dormakaba gege pextra plus cannot be copied by any unauthorized unlocking. In addition, the key has technology that cannot be copied even on 3D printers or cnc machines. For those who try to copy, patented protection is provided worldwide.

Source: https://www.mksturkiye.com/

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