Monday, August 2, 2021

Which Lingerie?

Almost all of the day, underwear products that come into direct contact with the skin are of great importance for health.

While choosing outerwear, you are treated very meticulously to look more beautiful and nice, while the same sensitivity is not shown in the choice of underwear. Before choosing color and model, underwear should not be a problem in terms of health and hygiene.

When buying underwear, the fabric of the product should be considered first.

The natural structure of cotton underwear products that help the skin to breathe provides a great advantage to users in terms of health. Cotton fabrics that absorb the sweat in the body in the best way prevent the formation of bacteria on the skin while allowing the user to be more comfortable and comfortable. Synthetic and nylon fabric products, which are frequently preferred in underwear and attract attention with their stylish stance, should definitely be avoided. These types of fabric that prevent skin breathing create skin disorders such as itching, rash, allergies and eczema, especially in people with sensitive skin. Therefore, non-cotton underwear products should be used only on special days.

It is very important for the wearer to choose the parts that are suitable for his / her body size in terms of both health and comfort.

The fact that the user does not know his / her body and therefore chooses narrow products creates discomfort in the body and causes some health problems. Products that tightly encircle the body and do not allow air to circulate, keeping moisture constant in the skin, preparing the ground for the formation of bacteria and infection on the skin. At the same time very tight underwear, such as friction and irritation creates problems such as preventing the user to move smoothly. Therefore, when buying underwear products, you should choose the most suitable parts for your body. If you feel that you do not have enough information about this, you can ask the relevant people during the shopping.

Colorful and fun patterned underwear is generally among the most preferred products. Although it may look nice and stylish, it is necessary to consider that the paints used in the production of these products carry a health risk. Textile dyes and carcinogenic substances containing azo dyes entering the body with sweat, creating serious health problems such as cancer. Therefore, products containing carcinogenic substances should be avoided in underwear. Products that do not use hazardous chemicals and pass the azo test should be preferred.

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