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Things You Should Know When Buying Leather Goods …


Leather is a natural material. It is a soft, durable and non-perishable product, its pores provide air and water circulation, it has the ability to absorb moisture and let it out (breathe), it has the ability to stretch a little.

In its composition; It has 50.2% Carbon, 25.4% Oxygen, 17.8% Nitrogen, 4.6% Hydrogen and 2% Sulfur. Leather is a healthy material because it is a natural product and is breathable. It does not wear quickly, does not wear and tear, it is durable, it can take shape according to the body because it can stretch, it does not sweat because it can absorb moisture and release it again. Since it is a high quality product, there is no such thing as going out of fashion.

On the other hand, it is not water resistant due to its porosity. It is not suitable for use in rain and snow unless a special protection process is applied on it.


When purchasing a product made of leather, it must first be understood that it is genuine leather. The raw material of artificial leather is plastic and therefore there is a plastic odor in the artificial leather. Real leather, on the other hand, has a unique scent that everyone is familiar with.

We can understand the quality of the leather used by touching it. The main element of this difference, which we will understand by touching between real leather and artificial leather, is the pores. There are no pores in artificial leather. Real skin is porous and these pores differ depending on the type of animal skin. For example, the skins made from the back and abdomen of the animal are slightly thicker and have a different pore structure. In other words, it is natural to have pore and texture differences on the same product. The quality of a leather depends on its passing through a quality process. Leathers treated with quality chemicals are also of high quality compared to this. If you want to buy a quality product, of course it should be bought from the masters of this business.


Leathers are divided into 2, depending on whether the hairy side is processed or not:

Zig or Nappa, so called, are the classic flat leather we know.

In these in itself;

It is diversified as Aniline, Semi-Aniline, Suede and Nubuck.

Aniline is obtained by making the best quality leathers without much surface covering. It is soft. It is the most susceptible to staining and scratching from water due to the lack of protection, as well as being quality and expensive. The use of Aniline Care Kits for maintenance provides protection.

Since the leather quality of Semi-Aniline is lower, in order to cover the defects on it, coating and embroideries giving a plastic feel are applied on it. It is colder to the touch. Pores may not be distinct. It is the easiest to mix with artificial leather.

Suede is made by processing the underside of the leather. It has no skin. It has a pile reminiscent of the fabric of the pool table. If this pile is prominent, it is suede, if it is thinner and like dust, it is nubuck. Nubuck Care Kit can be used for the maintenance of both.

Source: http://howtoistanbul.com/tr/tips-for-buying-leather-products/11476

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