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How to choose a good Lawn Mower?

What should be considered when purchasing a lawn mower?

In this article, we will try to give you information about the lawn mowers electric lawn mower, gasoline lawn mower, trimmer mower and edge lawn mower types and prices.

First you need to determine in which area you will use the machine. So, this machine;

Are you going to use it in your home garden or
Will you use it for commercial purposes and provide professional services?
There are varieties of lawn mowers for both types of use.
In what area will you use your lawnmower? There are many answers to this question.

You can use it for mowing your garden as small as 100 m2 in front of your house or for mowing in gardens larger than 100 m2 or even larger in 1-acre and above gardens or grassland.

Do not think that we can buy big machines and use them in all of them. Large lawnmowers have advantages and disadvantages compared to small lawnmowers.

Let’s classify the areas that you will use in order not to cause much confusion;

Gardens up to 200 m2
Gardens larger than 200 m2


Lawn mowers are divided into two as “gasoline and electric”. Gasoline machines work with a 4-stroke gasoline engine, and electric mowers work with electric motors fixed on the machine.

The maximum recommended garden size for electric lawnmowers is 200 m2. In gasoline machines, it can be used in much larger areas than the engine power size.

After the “electric and gasoline” distinction, we come across the question of engine power, which can be ideal for these types of work.

Engine power in electric lawnmowers, from 900 watts to 2000 watts,
On gasoline lawn mowers, you can find engine power from 4 hp to 8 hp.
The cutting capacity, ie the size of the grass blade, varies in direct proportion to the turf basket motor power.

For example, the blade width of a lawnmower with an engine power of 1200 watts is 32 cm and the grass collection capacity is 31 liters,

The blade width of the lawnmower with an engine power of 1800 watts is 46 cm and the grass collection capacity is 50 liters.

In other words, if you make a choice about engine power, you will automatically choose the blade width and grass collection capacity.

Or you can choose the cutting width or the grass collection capacity by doing the opposite operation and thus you can choose the mower with the capacity you have chosen.


Whether you buy an electric or gasoline machine, the choice of engine power is the most important. So, according to what will we choose the engine power?

Answer: According to the grass / grass type of the land you will use…

If the land you will use the machine is only grass, you can get your work done with very small engine power machines. But weeds, thorns etc. in your land. If there are foreign substances such as, you should definitely prefer the motor power.

Two more points!

1- Since electric lawn mowers are mostly preferred by home users, the garden to be cut should also consider the terrain conditions. Are there any obstacles in the garden such as trees, flowers, decorative stones?

If the garden is a land full of trees and decorative stones, you should choose the blade width as small, otherwise you may have serious difficulty entering narrow spaces while cutting.

Gasoline lawn mower

If there are no relevant decoration materials in the garden, it will be better to buy the machine with the largest blade capacity if cutting only on flat grass.

2- Since gasoline lawn mowers are preferred in large lands, there are also options of the lawn mower with gearbox and push type lawn mower.

Transmission system in gasoline machines is a great convenience. Operating the machine with serious weight on 2 acres of land with constant thrust can cause great fatigue at the end of the day.

This is not the case with gearmower lawnmowers, pull the gearbox lever of the machine and steer the machine, the machine will move automatically and do the cutting job.


Mowing a lawn is very pleasant, but also a laborious task. If you want to do a clean job, that is, when you look at your garden after your lawn mower is finished, you want nothing to settle in your eyes; You need another machine to mow the grass on the edges.

Edge lawn mower

Of course, this is not very important for professional users. Professional users do not care much about cutting grass or grass on the edges, as they mostly mow on large lands.

Attention Here! Let us imagine that you mow the lawn in the small or very large garden of your home, and there are materials such as stones and walls around your garden and where there are lawns.

Even if you go all the way to the corner with four-wheeled lawn mowers, the little herbs will remain crushed, and these herbs will come to life again after a few days, as if every part of your garden has been cut but the corner parts have never been touched.

Here are the edge lawn mowers, that is, electric trimmer mower or gasoline scythes to remove grass on this edge.

Electric line lawn mowers: Used to mow weeds in small gardens, in areas where four-wheel lawn mowers cannot enter. Since their engines are very small, you cannot mow the entire lawn of gardens with the size of 100-200 m2 petrol mower.

Gasoline scythes: if your hand is prone to use these machines and you can mow grass and grass of very large lands with gasoline scythes without the need for another machine. It is difficult to use for people who have not tried before and have no habit.

Difference of line mowers and gasoline scythes from four-wheel mowers;
While mowing the weeds with these machines, it does not accumulate in a basket and throws it left and right,
You need to manually align for your lawn mower,
Since it is mostly used with fishing line, if it coincides with pieces such as stone or iron, the line will break and you will have to stop the machine and change the line.
To sum up the subject, after making your choices according to the relevant criteria, if you want to do the lawn mower carefully and properly, you need to buy two machines. One is the lawn mower, the other is the trimmer lawn mower / scythe.

If you can cut grass on the edges with tools such as grass shears, you do not need a trimmer or trimmer in “small gardens”.

Source: https://blog.ensarshop.com

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