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What should be considered when buying Land and Zoned Land?

Are you patient?

Land and land investment is a long-term investment, you may have to wait 10 to 30 years for a good return. A home or workplace provides you with regular income, but you will have to pay real estate tax every year without seeing long term returns for land and land. You have to be patient to see results in land and land investment.

How is the zoning status?

The land is part of unrelated land, you can earn very high income when the land you bought comes from, but if the land is not developed, the increase in value remains limited. The land is a part of zoned land, it is valued as the population and trade increases in the region where it is located, and if the construction becomes more constructed with the change of zoning, its value increases at the same rate. Follow the Regional Development Plans, these plans include investments that will add value to the land or land in the future.

How is its location?

The question “What are the three most important things in real estate?” Is used to emphasize the importance of location (location), the answer is: “location, location, location”. The most important element in the plot and land is its location. The increase in the population, trade and production near your land determines the value increase of your investment. The increase in the value of the land, the population, trade and industry increase, the investments and infrastructure projects determined by it. These developments bring zoning to the area where the land is located after a while and the land can turn into a plot. The lands on the development axis of the cities are valued faster. Small cities generally expand along the road to the big city, investments in this direction may be more profitable. The purpose of land investment is to buy a land that can be reconstructed before it comes to zoning and to benefit from the increase in value by zoning.

How much risk will you take?

Zoned land is risk-free as the population growth continues and the economy improves, its value increases at a certain rate. The land without zoning is risky, generally it only preserves its value until zoning comes, but if the zoning comes, the return will be very high.

Which ones to avoid?

It is necessary to avoid shared titles, protected areas, water basins. In the shared title deed, other partners can get the deed at the price you pay from you by using their rights. Water basins and sites are not opened to development, so your investment does not bring the return you expect. Lands close to the forest are also risky, they can be included in the forest zone. Square plots are ideal, rectangular plots can also be attractive. Trapezoid and rounded plots are risky because they make construction and use difficult.

How much is the road to the road?

Increases the value of the facade and the width of the road to the road. If a commercial building is built here, the large facade increases the yield thanks to the large showcase and signage area.

What size do you need to buy the plot?

It will determine the value of the land you will buy with the construction on it. Make sure that the land you will purchase is the size and shape of the construction that the region will need in the future.

What size should I buy the land?

When the land turns into a land when it comes to zoning, the area you have shrinks up to 40%, so the land you will receive should be of a constructable size even after this cut.

How is the geological structure of the land?

Earthquake reality brings to the fore the factors that were not considered important. If the geological structure of the land you will receive is reconstructed, it will determine the construction features that can be done there.

How is the situation in the land registry?

Check the status of the land in the deed, is there mortgage, lien or annotation? If there is, do not pay until they are cleared.

Will you use credit?

If you use a loan and your current income is disrupted, will you be able to pay the loan? The land and the land are not fast-selling real estate, you can not turn them into cash immediately when you get stuck. Determine your budget and how much credit you can pay without problems.


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