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What should be considered when making kitchen cabinet?

When making Kitchen Cabinet, the first decision you need to make is what material will be used in the construction of your cabinets and countertops. MDF material is the highest quality material that can be used in the main body and the cover parts of the cabinets.

MDF consists of the initials of the Medium-Density- Fibreboard words.

It is obtained by mixing and pressing MDF wood fibers with hot-cured synthetic resin adhesives. The material obtained by coating the MDF boards with technological impregnation machines with melamine resin and glue impregnated with decorative paper that becomes fireproof and waterproof is called MDF Lam. Chipboard is a simpler material obtained by pressing simple pieces of wood with synthetic resins. Since it is more economically feasible, Chipboard material is often used in kitchen bodies.

If you say which of these two materials is better, if you are going to use your cabinets without contact with water, there is no difference between the two in terms of appearance. Because both of them can be covered with the same material and they can be seen better in terms of aesthetics. However, it will be better to use MDF material which is more water-resistant in a continuous contact with water, such as a kitchen. If you do not know these two materials and ask how can I distinguish them, let’s explain.

The woody part that appears on the coated surfaces of the MDF material is smoother. The parts that make up the plate are sawdust powders so they have a smoother appearance. As chipboard is made of larger pieces of wood, these pieces of wood are both visible and the surface is more rough. Chipboard material is less resistant to impacts. Mdf is more durable. Chipboard material is lighter and mdf is heavier. Chipboard material is more economical in terms of price.

– Kitchen cabinet prices are one of the important costs in the home. For this reason, remember that you will make an expensive choice when choosing a kitchen cabinet.

– Instead of cheap kitchen cabinet, you should aim for the best quality kitchen cabinet that your budget allows.

If You Will Determine The Features Of The Kitchen Cabinet By Yourself;

– First you need to make a list of the electrical appliances you want to be found in the kitchen (very important). (Such as refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, oven, microwave, TV, food processor, home phone.)

-You should determine which items in the list you make will be placed in the kitchen cabinet as we say embedded (built-in).

– While projecting the kitchen cabinet, you should not forget to place a small TV embedded in the cabinet. Having a TV in the kitchen can make food preparation time fun.

– When projecting the kitchen cabinet, you should also consider the opening direction of the refrigerator door. Otherwise, you will have to change the opening direction of the refrigerator door.

– You have designed the Kitchen Cabinet (that is, you have determined which kitchen equipment will be embedded in the cabinet). It is time to prepare the kitchen for the new closet. A new kitchen cabinet means a new plumbing and electrical installation in the kitchen. According to the cabinet’s project, you will have to install a new electrical and water installation in the kitchen before you build a kitchen cabinet, so you have the trouble of finding masters. But; Since the company or the masters who make the kitchen cabinet are already working together with the electric and plumbing masters, if you agree with all inclusive, they provide all these masters themselves. You just enjoy it. It is more economical than you find a master. (experienced)

– The closing speed of drawers and covers is very important. Even when you close it quickly, you should choose hinges that allow slow closing thanks to the braking system (very important). Such hinges extend the life of the cabinet.

– The visual side of the kitchen cabinet is the doors. So only the covers are visible from the outside. Nobody can see inside. Therefore, covers are the only source to give the visuality. The most preferred covers are Acrylic covers.

Let’s give some information about the materials.

No matter how you make the covers, the bodies will definitely be chipboard or mdflam.

Mdf’s main material is hardwood and softwood wood. It is a wood-based material obtained by pressing wood fibers with hot-cured synthetic resin adhesives. MDFLam is obtained by coating melamine resin and glue on the MDF board by coating the decorative paper, which becomes fireproof and waterproof by technological impregnation machines. That is, one or two surfaces in color.

MDF (English: Medium Density Fiberboard) is a composite wood material artificially produced by engineering. One-to-one translation from English would be “medium density fibreboard”. It is an output obtained by compressing wood shavings with high density. It is not very resistant to water and fire.

It is not as durable as chipboard against screwing by the edge. Different tree types can be used as the raw material of MDF. MDF production is done extensively in Turkey. These products, which are produced in thicknesses of 2.5-30 mm, are covered with melamine paper, the surface of which is impregnated, and used in the furniture industry as MDF – LAM product. As MDF – LAM, it is used in furniture industry in a wide range of kitchen cabinets, bathroom and other cabinets, as a ready-made body. MDF is mainly used in membrane cover and lacquer furniture products, as concrete formwork and other furniture production. MDF, which is widely in use in the kitchen and cabinet production in Europe, is widely used because it is based on more solid chipboard in Turkey. It adds more weight to the buildings than the chipboard, and the hard logs used in its production cause more trees to be used than the chipboard, so it is more environmentally friendly.

If you have read carefully, you should have seen the word “It is not as durable as screwing against the edge by screwing” The MDF bursts during screwing because it is harder than chipboard. therefore, it causes separations from the junction points under heavy loads. In order to prevent this situation, before the screwing is done, opening the screw slot with the drill and then screwing it is healthier, this process body is vital for Mdflam kitchens.

Chipboard: It is a wooden plate that is used as an alternative to first-class timber, where fine woods with unfilled diameters are used as raw materials. As in MDF, the color colored by covering the decorative paper is called chipboard.

Chipboard (Chipboard – CHIPBOARD) is a board obtained by pressing wood shavings with certain chemical binders and pressing them. It is frequently used in furniture industry. It is produced in various thicknesses within certain standards. It has no resistance to water and fire. It is produced in various qualities and the impact resistance varies according to its quality. It is a wooden plate that is used as an alternative to first-class timber, where unqualified fine diameter wood is used as raw material. Firewood is cut into small pieces in chippers. It is lowered to a certain humidity in the drying oven and after sieving, it is mixed with glue. It is laid in layers as bottom, middle and top. The material pressed under a certain temperature and pressure becomes a “massive” material with the reaction of the glue. Later sanded sheets are offered for consumption after waiting. In the case of screwing, there is no separation in chipboard like Mdf. Screwing can be done as desired. If you want to make mdflam or chipboard, you should not let water, or if the chipboard swells 8mm after taking water, the mdf will rise to 4mm.

Since a kitchen is not useful, we understand that everything is easy to reach and everything is at hand. In our opinion, the use of drawers instead of the normal door module in the lower cabinet modules increases the functionality in the kitchen cabinet. Think about how many times a housewife buys a trend item in the kitchen under the counter under the counter. Making a full chest of drawers instead of under-counter cabinets makes the kitchen cabinet very useful.

Body Cover Relation

For years, we have been trying to make the body color and the lid color the same color in kitchen cabinets. Furniture covers and cabinet bodies were made of the same material 90 years ago. Polished or lacquered paint was preferred for the customer’s request, so that the body color and the lid color could be the same. However, after 2000s, new materials started to be produced depending on the developments in technology, and different cover systems were used in furniture, especially in bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets. Types of covers currently used in the furniture market;

Acrylic Cover;
Membrane Cover;
Laminate Cover;
Lacquer Cover;
Glass Coated Cover;
It is used.

The cover types above are named after the type of surface coating. However, since the body material is colored with a coating called melamine, the cover color and body color cannot be the same. For this reason, furniture manufacturers try to overcome the color confusion by using cream or white. The only visible places in furniture and kitchen cabinets are made of cover material, the remaining modules are made of melamine-coated chipboard or melamine-coated mdflam. After many years, you can get used to your closet and if you think it gets old, you can have a new kitchen cabinet by simply changing the doors.

Source: majestic.gen.tr

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