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How to choose a good Iron?

Which Iron?

What should be your main expectation from an iron? The answer to this question is definitely steam power. Good steaming and the ability to easily open wrinkles in return are the most decisive choice. Contrary to what is known, the “floor slipperiness” which is emphasized in advertisements is not very important. The more steam power and the lighter the iron, the slippery the sole. Prices of irons start from 30 lira and go up to 500 lira.


If the laundry that needs to be ironed is as much as you can accumulate twice a week, it is quite logical to buy a steam generator iron. If you are one of those who often iron less laundry, the most accurate product is normal steam iron. Because the steam boiler is both costly and not practical.

If your decision is for the steam generator, you should first look at steam power and energy consumption in watts. An iron of 2,400 W is enough to open a crease. Steam power is called the power applied in a spray. The constant steam output should be at least 35 g / min and the shock steam power should be at least 90 g / min. In some products, this figure is 150 g / min. In fabrics such as linen, silk and jean, steam power is needed more. But if the weight in your closet is in synthetic products, the steam power in normal irons is enough for you. The energy required in normal irons is around 1600 W. Steam generator irons are still regarded as the most effective method for removing wrinkles. However, their prices can be two to three times that of normal irons.


Another point to note is the soleplate of the iron. It should have features such as easy movement on the clothes, conducting heat well, and not shining. The aluminum base is sticking after a year and causes wrinkles on the fabrics. The non-stick teflon sole allows the iron to glide easily on clothing as it prevents sticking. The special feature of the stainless steel soleplate is that it distributes the heat evenly and thus reduces the time allocated to the iron. If the sole of the iron is steel, it is necessary to pay attention to the zippers and buttons during ironing. It is very likely to be scratched. The most ideal ones are ceramic-based. Ironing glides easily on the fabric, it does not stick and is not scratched at all. Another feature you should pay attention to on the floors is the number of pores that give steam. As this number increases, the iron’s wrinkle removal function also increases.


Ironing is a device that often invites home accidents. Of course, the defect is usually not the device but the pensive user. The most important feature for forgetful people is the safety of the iron. The possibility of open forgetting in an emergency or other situations is always strong. In this case, let the ironed garment burn and even cause fires. Almost all models have an automatic shut-off feature of an average of 30 seconds after the open is forgotten, and within five minutes of standing upright. Especially brands such as Bosch, Braun, Philips and Tefal are the most successful in this sense.


The body of the iron should never be cleaned using detergents and solvents used for household cleaning. A damp and soft cloth is enough. Take care not to use descaler to clean the steam tank. Just as it damages the inner surface, it causes the instrument to vomit and leak. Self cleaning feature is very important. Descaler should be used at least once a year and at most once a month. Over time, accumulation occurs in the steam outlet and tank. The self-cleaning feature pushes the button and allows it to be cleaned with a powerful steam outlet. Never use water which has dirt in it and can cause its formation. Be careful not to put the iron on rough surfaces with the sole down. Empty the water tank after each use and keep the iron horizontal for a few seconds so that the last remaining water drops run out.


* The energy consumed by some irons may be more than its function. Take care not to exceed 2 thousand W in normal irons.

* Being a system against lime is very important especially because of the lime rate in tap water in our country.

* Anti-drip, anti-drip irons prevent the fabrics from staining. Check if this feature is available.

* If you are a person who often uses a suit, it is important to put a line on the pants. It is possible to achieve this only with the ‘shock steam’ feature.

* Wireless irons are currently under development. With these types of tools, the process may take a long time because the iron needs to be warmed up again.

* Travel irons look very attractive in terms of price and size. However, these irons are designed for ‘low usage’. Do not take these irons to meet your daily ironing needs.

Source: www.haber7.com

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