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What should be considered when buying a HOUSE?

Clear Your Home Budget.
Ask if there is a mortgage or foreclosure record on the house.
If the house is newly painted, check for dampness.
Evaluate Transportation Options and Proximity to Social spaces.
Explore Apartment Layout and Neighborhood Relations.
If there are tenants in the house check the Terms of the Tenancy Agreement.

See the registration in the land registry!
To whom or to whom the real estate belongs,
Share rates regarding the real estate,
Whether it has easement (usage) right on it,
Whether it is mortgage or not,
Whether there is a cautionary decision preventing the sale,
Whether the construction servitude has been established,
Whether there is any obstacle to its establishment,
Whether the independent section to be purchased is registered in the deed or not,
The management plan of the real estate and the deed annotations applied by the land owner to the contractor

Investigate the zoning status!

The latest zoning status of the property, whether there are 1 / 1,000, 1 / 5,000 scaled zoning plans and higher scale development plans,
Building license,
The current zoning status and compliance of the main real estate and the independent section to be purchased,
Whether the real estate has any accumulated tax debt,
The final real estate declaration value of the real estate (The property declaration value will be important in determining the minimum fee to be paid during the title deed purchase and sale.),
Whether the house is settled or there is an obstacle to the purchase of accommodation,
The seismicity of the region must be learned.

Examine the official documents!

The buyer should read the Sales Contract carefully and, if possible, have the contract examined by the experts.
It should be determined what kind of documents the construction company has given to the buyer, whether it has established construction servitude, if there is no construction servitude, whether there are any obstacles in its establishment.
Official documents such as the title deed, zoning status, project, license, if any, occupancy certificate of the house or housing project should be examined.
The “Technical Specification”, which is clearly stated by the contractor for the house to be delivered to the buyer, defines what he will do and clearly states the qualities of the materials to be used, the delivery time and the form are clearly stated and signed by the parties should be read and examined well.
The “brand and quality” of the materials to be used in the Technical Specification should be clearly defined.
If the contractor fails to complete the construction and deliver the house at the end of the promised period, it should be recorded how much penalty compensation will pay to the buyer on a daily or monthly basis.
The house offered for sale; The amount of down payment, monthly payment plan, loan status, interest rate, whether interim or balloon payments can be made, whether the account can be closed at the desired time, how the increases and decreases in interest rates will affect the payments, the nature of the contracts made with the bank should be learned.

Determine the value of the house!

The surplus value that the property brings or will bring to its environment,
The nature of their tenants or potential tenants,
Current or possible lease value,
Lease terms, rental contract conditions,
Effectiveness of the management company,
Sales or rental values ​​of the surrounding real estate,
The development structure of the region,
Close to shopping centers, health institutions, schools,
Issues affecting the economic value of the real estate such as its proximity to main transportation lines and ease of transportation should be examined.

Things to consider before moving to the apartment

You have bought your dream house and are making plans to move. There are many points that you should pay attention to before settling down. Most importantly, does your home meet the expectations of you and your immediate surroundings? Does it suit your lifestyle? What is its proximity to shopping centers and health institutions? such questions are some of them …

The location of the housing or housing project, its nature, other projects around it, the condition of the land, the type and size of the house, its dues, being in or out of the city, being a multi-storey, row house or independent residence, management style, occupancy of the building or site the number of tenants or owners among the residents, lifestyle within the site, educational status of those living or willing to live, income status, age, the site’s proximity to schools, shopping centers and health institutions, the needs, expectations and living standards of the housing buyer should be met as much as possible.
Attention should be paid to issues such as the direction of the chosen apartment, the state of light and sunlight, its floor, its view, parking facilities, the location of noise sources and the effect of noise.
Considering himself, his family and immediate surroundings; ‘I am moving here, but does this place meet my expectations and my immediate surroundings? What are the defining features of my lifestyle? Is it compatible with this? ”For example, the buyer should consider his / her relationship with pets, the place where he / she will park his / her car, the playground of his / her child and similar indispensable criteria.
To determine if the property to be purchased is suitable for the buyer’s lifestyle, the buyer should carefully examine the building management and operating plans and other relevant rules and regulations or consult an expert.
It should be determined whether or when issues such as electricity, water, natural gas, waste water are resolved in the area where the house or housing project is built.
The management, operation plans of the housing or housing project and the equipment used in the system and the costs they will create should be carefully examined.
How and by whom the joint building management is carried out and what is the cost should be well studied.
When the life on the site begins, it should be taken into account in what proportion the residents own the flat and at what rate.
Find out who lives in the building, whether the occupants are fulfilling their responsibilities, and whether management creates a solid financial foundation for the future of the building.
When you have to choose between a used house and a new building, evaluations should be made in terms of various aspects such as construction quality, earthquake assurance, maintenance, repair, security, decoration, garden structure and social life.
A new home will not have major problems requiring extensive repairs for a long time. On the other hand, a problem can arise at any time in a used home.
When a previously used house is purchased, there may be serious repair problems in its electrical and mechanical installations and joinery. Such repairs or modifications can be expensive. Before the loan installments are completed, a new expense may cause a serious burden. Similarly, in used houses, issues such as the sewerage system, the basic structure of the building, column-beam condition, seismicity, infestation, moisture, and noise should be thoroughly reviewed.
Thanks to the new equipment used in these buildings made by qualified companies, the buyer feels safer, has less maintenance and repair costs, and less house insurance premiums are paid.
When purchasing a house under construction, the layout, color of the tiles in the bathroom, kitchen cabinets, whitewash, carpets can be pre-selected. This situation does not result in the complete replacement or renewal of currently used items, and does not incur additional costs. Similarly, if the new house is in the garden, it has the possibility to arrange the garden to the buyer’s taste.
It is important to know that the company that made and delivered the project provides technical support and stands behind its work during the delivery process and the months following the delivery.
Source: / 09.11.2010

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