Monday, August 2, 2021

How to choose a good Hosting Service?

If you are considering building a website and planning to open up to the world with your own website, there are many important steps to go through. When mentioning the concept, content, name, URL structure, hosting, infrastructure (WordPress etc.) of the website, each stage brings the next complicated decision.

One of the conditions of creating a good website is, of course, to make the right decisions in the setup of the site, to be conscious. One of the issues you need to pay attention during the installation phase is hosting.

Let’s list the things you need to pay attention when you get hosting service under main headings;

RAM size: RAM size is one of the factors that directly affect the speed at which pages on your website open. For this reason, you need to determine the required resource usage for your software and choose the package accordingly.

Processor sharing: Processor speed, just like the RAM size, is a factor that directly affects the loading speed of your website. Whether or not there are restrictions during peak times is one of the issues you should be aware of.

Hosting location: You have to choose a location according to your target audience.

Disk space: You have to choose a suitable disk space according to the files you will upload. Considering the backups to be taken, a disk space of 2-3 times the current size will be sufficient for you.

Platform: Hosting platforms are two types, Linux and Windows. PHP software belongs to Linux and asp belongs to Windows. If your site is created software with ASP or ASPX software language, then you should choose Windows hosting. Otherwise, you cannot publish ASP-ASPX sites on Linux hosting. Likewise, you cannot publish PHP sites on Windows hosting. You should be very careful with this distinction.

E-mail: If you want to open how many e-mail accounts, you should get a service accordingly because each hosting company provides different e-mail services to the packages.
Monthly Transfer: Monthly transfer is the total data transfer made by visitors entering your website. For example, the homepage of your website is 3 MB and when the user enters your homepage, they transfer 3 MB of data.

Disk: If you do not think of something very professional, 1 GB capacity will be enough for you. If I will open a video site, I will throw videos into it. If you have such thoughts, it will be insufficient. 1 GB is enough for an ordinary wordpress site.

The editing system appears to be a vital factor when buying hosting. When it comes to electronic devices, it is not possible to predict when and how malfunctions will be encountered. Therefore, a regular backup system is a must. Especially if you are going to set up an e-commerce site, it is recommended that this backup be daily, not weekly.

Technical support: This is also one of the least noteworthy issues. Yes, the package you choose is very nice. What about technical support? Will there be a technical team that you can reach in a short time when you are in a difficult situation or cannot solve a problem?

If you have more than one domain name, that is, this service can be very important for you.

We may need to get extra hosting to host these domains, but with this service, you can manage multiple domains in one hosting account. That’s why it’s important to get a web hosting package that allows adding multiple domains.

Extra features: These features can be varied according to users who use different content infrastructures such as WordPress, Joomla or who have different expectations according to the website. The important thing is to determine your needs and make requests accordingly.

Future possibilities (Expandability): Let’s say 1 GB disk size and e-mail etc. You started to get hosting service with basic features. However, you have grown your business and need extra services. Will the firm you choose be able to provide this to you?

Firm: Yes, one of the most important issues is firm selection. The company you choose will carry you to the digital world and ensure you exist on the web. When choosing a company, your priority should not be a fee. First of all, you should research the services provided, company reviews, and the opportunities that the company can provide you.
A user-friendly control panel with extensive functionality is very important as it is the brain of your hosting account.

As long as it is user-friendly and comes with all the necessary functions, cPanel or Plesk or even a third-party control panel doesn’t matter. Without an adequate control panel, you will be left at the mercy of the hosting technician support team – even if all you need is some basic services.

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