Tuesday, May 11, 2021

How to choose a good Heater?

If you have decided to buy an electric heater, you must first decide where to use it. This is the most important factor that plays both in energy saving and efficient heating. For example; If you choose to use it in the open area, you should pay attention to the size and infrared of the heater you buy.

Electric heaters can generally be classified as oil radiators, convectors, infrared and fans. The most preferred among these is; They are infrared heaters that we often see in cafes and restaurants.

Infrared Heater

Such electric heaters transmit the heat through the light they reflect and heat the person or object directly affected by this light; it is not effective in areas where light does not reach. They are preferred models in open area. They can easily heat small-scale indoor areas. It is ergonomic and robust. It has options with thermostat and digital adjustment. In its digital models, it can be adjusted in the most ideal way for you with options such as closing, opening time and working time.

Oiled Radiator

It is a mobile wheeled honeycomb that provides the heating of the oil with electric resistance instead of the water inside, which has the appearance of a heating core, by this way, the place where it is heated. It is suitable for domestic use. The heat source, like infrared heaters, is not exposed. Its operating system is similar to heating and it is among the safest types of electric heater. Since it spreads the heat evenly around it, it provides heating of the environment in closed environments. You should choose these size types according to the area you will use. Because the effect of a small oil radiator in a large hall is almost non-existent. The heating process of oily radiators is a bit long, but once heated, it has the feature of staying warm for a long time.

Fan Heater

Whatever type of heated resistance is, it is the type of heaters that are supported by a fan in order to accelerate the heat dissipation to the environment. Ideal for warming up at the toes of your office, under the table in your home or in small rooms. It is not used in open areas and large closed areas. Other heaters may also be preferred as supplements.

Convector Heaters

Thanks to its special feet, it can find itself in different areas. Convector heaters do not take up space on the wall at the same time, and even give your home a stylish atmosphere thanks to their decorative models. Convector heaters provide heating by passing the cold air they receive from the bottom through the resistances inside it and blowing it as hot air from the upper part. Thanks to the dust filter, it absorbs the dust in the environment and traps it inside. This type of electric heater can be preferred by people with dust allergies or asthma sufferers. It is the type of electric heater that heats the indoor area fastest.

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