Tuesday, May 11, 2021

How to choose a good Hair Dye?

Things to consider when buying hair dye

The first thing to do when buying hair dye is to read the content of your dye. If you know of a substance that causes an allergic reaction that will harm your skin, you may notice it early.

The instructions for use inside the paint box must be followed.

Do not touch the paint without gloves.

After applying the dye to your hair, keep the dye in your hair in accordance with the instructions for use.

Do not apply hair dye to your eyebrows. Especially, never apply to the bottom of the eyelashes.

Do not mix and apply several colors without the help of a professional.

Avoid dyeing your hair frequently, because some chemicals in the dye will cause your hair to become damaged and thin out.

When purchasing hair dyes, try to prefer herbal rather than dyes that contain chemicals. The prices of these are more expensive than others, but it will be much more beneficial for your skin and your hair as it contains not only coloring chemicals but coloring plants.

Herbal hair dyes are also used by some women to care for the hair, not to change the hair color, because natural hair dyes have much smaller molecules than chemicals, making it easier to access all hair strands and therefore can penetrate the entire hair strand.

If you want to dye hair with herbal dyes, you should know that these dyes do not cover whites as well as chemical dyes when they do not penetrate the hair.

We recommend that you do not wash your hair for the first 24 hours after dyeing your hair, because washing in this first 24 hours causes half of the color to bleed. If you are going to wash it, apply the permanent care mask included in the hair dye and fix the dye to your hair.

If you want to dye your hair with a bleach, then do not do this for 2 weeks from the last day you dye your hair. You can paint again after 2 weeks.

When preparing the hair dye, if you seem to be able to apply the dye to your hair immediately, prepare the dye or the dye will lose its function.

If you want to make your skin tone more prominent and stand out, paint it two tones lighter or two tones darker than your skin tone.

Source: https://www.tgrthaber.com.tr/

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